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I saw this photo online and thought it was brilliant! Why can’t all parents be this clever and thoughtful? Parents That Travel


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9 Comments On "Why Can't All Parents That Fly With Kids Be This Thoughtful?"
  1. naoma|

    I would not appreciate this note. Our daughter flew when she was a year old. Well-behaved and much loved. Never had a problem not passed out warnings.

    1. Leith-Ross|

      It’s a little over the top but definitely preferable to couldn’t-care-less parents of ill-behaved children of which there are many on flights.

  2. thepixinator|

    It’s a bit of an over-share. All I need when I travel is to see parents in the act of parenting to know that they’re doing their best. Seeing parents ignore their seat-kicking, screaming brats while they talk on their cell phones and listen to loud music is what makes me crazy.

  3. Andrea|

    . . . Not a good enough excuse.

    1. Leith-Ross, Felicity|

      They don’t need an excuse, they are entitled to fly with new-born babies. nd new-born babies are entitled not to enjoy the flight.

  4. Irie Girl Travels|

    Very thoughtful, indeed Johnny. Not every child behaves the same on flights, some are very well behaved, some get really bad earaches. I had an ear infection once that started a few hours before my flight and if it’s the same pain and discomfort a baby experience at times during a flight, oh my, poor soul, because I was near tears. It was a thoughtful and kind gesture on the parents part. They didn’t have to but they chose to and I like it. So go kick rocks to those that are turning their noses up at these parents!!

  5. Leith-Ross, Felicity|

    There’s all the difference in the world between a new-born baby whose reactions are unpredictable and uncontrollable, and a toddler who understands ‘be quiet’, ‘don’t kick’ , and ‘NO’ and is still out of control. These parents were thinking of others and that’s a rare thing these days. So hats off to them.

  6. Anonymous|

    Haters don’t have kids…I think it was very considerate!

  7. Roberto|

    I try to remain cool about children traveling and appreciate it when parents at least try to keep their kids in check. So it the parents who tend to annoy me; the ones who do nothing and just as bad are the ones who try too hard. In the later catergory I felt I knew the child, David, so well by the fortunately short journey as they was a constant barrage of “David look at this” “how about we do this David” “David do you want to do….” and so it went on.

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