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 is named after the abbreviation of “Ticket Chart.” That’s because it not only provides a price comparison of fares from low-cost carriers (LCCs), but it also provides whole-year price trends so users can see when in the year the lowest prices will be offered when they’re arranging their vacations.

What I love about tixchart is this: I used to tell people a great way to save on tickets to smaller cities in Europe is to price out two different tickets instead of one. But that approach requires you have to have some knowledge of what cities to fly in/out of, which the average traveler does not have. For an example, do a one-way search on all the mainstream travel websites (like Expedia) to find out what it would cost to fly one-way from Los Angeles to Naples, Italy, on April 23 and you’ll find ticket prices over $2,100. But if you know to fly to London and then buy a separate ticket on a low-cost carrier to Naples, you could save a lot of money. Well, tixchart shows you those lowest fares and the routing!

See screenshots below. With tixchart, that same $2,100 ticket would now cost only $574. I have your attention now, don’t I? It’s amazing. That said: A lot of times these LCC flights leave from different airports and they’ll charge you up the wazoo for checked baggage—so be cognizant of these things when using tixchart.

First, on Expedia…
Then, on tixchart!

Tixchart flight information includes: departure and arrival airports, carrier, departure and arrival time, amount of transfer stops, total flight duration, and total price. You can get more details on a flight after clicking on it. You can use the filter to exclude carriers or transfer stops and restrict the time range of departure/arrival/total duration. Sort the results by different criteria to sort the flights better.

When there are transfer station/airports in the search results, note that if the green line is connected it means “guaranteed transfer,” as in the transfer is provided by the carrier itself. Generally, a “guaranteed transfer” means you won’t have to collect your luggage, go through immigration and take your own risk of missing next flight if the former segment was delayed.

However, if the line is not connected, which means tixchart computed the flights for you, you’ll have to collect your luggage, go through immigration and re-check in. The carrier might not offer to waive ticket change fees if there are delays. Be sure to doublecheck to see if you have enough time for a transfer before booking. After finding the desired flights, click the “Book” button and tixchart will redirect you to the carrier’s official page or their partners to book the ticket and make payments.


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