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Looks like people in my drink at the 2016 Cayman Cookout Beach Bash
Looks like people in my drink at the 2016 Cayman Cookout Beach Bash

Think Twice About Trips in Late March
My friend and co-host Chris McGinnis recently about why you should, “If possible, avoid traveling during the last two weeks of March this year.” Here’s why, as he explains it:

“Late March is typically the busiest time of year for collegiate Spring break. Early April, when Easter usually falls, is more popular with families.

But this year is atypical: We have a very early Easter weekend (March 25-28) which means families AND college kids are going to be crowding airports, hotels and the beaches simultaneously.

Due to this concentration, travelers should be on alert for high prices and surprise crowds at airports, especially if you live in or near (or are traveling to or from) a big college town OR if you are headed to a warm weather destination like Florida, Mexico or the Caribbean. This is also the case for airport hubs with connections to warm weather destinations such as Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles or Phoenix.”

Chris goes on to link to a “helpful guide to spring break dates around the country” and recommend midweek travel if you must travel during that time. , in which he includes the silver lining to all this.



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2 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Think Twice About Trips in Late March"
  1. R W Post|

    Good insight but some small oversights…………….for late spring travel/vacations……….Spring training winding up or down in AZ and FL and snow birds are starting their trek home to get there for taxes. planting and Easter. A few years back, we got hit with high travel costs because of NCAA tournament games being played to our destination and the ASU/ U or A teams were playing on that weekend. rwp

  2. Jub|

    Thanks for the heads up, just checked and the easter period is the same for New Zealand. Still seems to be cheap flights with Air Asia out of the country luckily so will be booking them soon I guess!


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