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The LifeProof iPhone Case
I love my iPhone 6 Plus, but in my time with it I’ve found that the iPhone breaks a lot more easily than my old Blackberry, Android and Windows phones. Unfortunately, I learned that the hard way while on a bike ride in Austria. My iPhone fell out of my pocket and I hit the brake at the same time it was under my back tire so it skidded, face down. It was destroyed and if I hadn’t been carrying my old Android in my bag, I would have been without a phone for the rest of my multi-country trip.

My phone after the bike ride
My phone after the bike ride

When I returned home, I told my buddy Tim and he suggested I get a . He travels a lot (including for Hundredbacklinks.com) and traveled with the LifeProof team to the British Virgin Islands a few months ago. After his trip, he came to the conclusion that hands down, the LifeProof phone case is the must-have tech gadget of the summer. It’s waterproof, dirt-proof, sand-proof, snow-proof, and shock-proof.

During Tim’s time in the BVIs, he put his case to the test against most of these elements—and it didn’t fail. When LifeProof heard about me dropping and breaking my phone, they were kind enough to send me a couple of cases. I gave one of them to my wife for her iPhone 6 but she passed because she said it wasn’t pretty enough for her.

I know she regretted that decision last night when she dropped her phone in a department store and the screen shattered. Of course, I said, “You should’ve taken that LifeProof case,” with a snicker. She obviously wasn’t amused and she’s now waiting in line for an Apple technician since all of their appointments were full. So, get a LifeProof case.

Natalie's phone after last night
Natalie’s phone after last night

You can thank her for this tip and I’m just thankful she’s not traveling right now and there’s an Apple store nearby. She’s probably just going to be without her phone for a few hours but her designer pocketbook is going to be $130 (or more!) lighter.

If you have an iPhone (I highly recommend them), seriously consider getting a LifeProof case, especially for traveling. Yes, they aren’t pretty and they do make the phone considerably bulkier, but you have to love the protection and the fact that you can even take it snorkeling to take underwater pics.




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3 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: The LifeProof iPhone Case"
  1. Julianna|

    Hubby and I have one life proof case we take with us while traveling. We switch one phone into it when doing active things. Hiking miles to get to waterfalls in Iceland, kayaking Lake Yellowstone, biking the continental divide…that way we have photos of these amazing places and activities without worrying about our phones. But we can keep them sleek and cute most of the time. I’m with Natalie on that front:)

  2. Bob White|

    I have had a case for about 6 or 8 months. I noticed the other day when I “checked it” to make sure it was still water proof, it leaked! The piece that covers the on-off switch and fingerprint verify-er had simply disappeared!! Plus, the switch to mute the phone didn’t work. I need to try to find my receipt to get with the company. I have a very low degree of confidence with their product at this time.

  3. Liz|

    I have a life proof case on my apple phone and the only thing that I have a hard time with is using my thumbprint sometimes it takes it and others times not. Otherwise it is great as I have dropped the phone numerous times and not had to worry at all. So what if it is not got bling on it glue some sparkles on and you will be all set.

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