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MoneySeparate Your Phone and Cash
I quickly learned the other day not to put my cell phone in the same pocket as my cash—because when I pulled my phone out, out came my cash. The lesson holds true not just for money, but when you have other light or small things in your pockets (like tickets or boarding passes) with your phone as well. They could fall out without you noticing, especially if your phone has a cover, as covers tend to cling to things. Now, I make sure put my cash in one pocket and my cell in the other.

FYI: That’s some Australian currency in the image above (and not my fingers). In case you missed it, here’s my story on the incredible Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa from my most recent trip Down Under.



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4 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Separate Your Phone and Cash"
  1. Barbara|

    Great idea, but also with the new phone cases that allow spaces for credit cards and cash, it is not a good idea to use the phone case for everything. If you lose it you not only have lost cash and credit cards but the phone you need to cancel them. I always keep money in 3 different locations and my credit cards in my money belt. By the way the around the neck money and passport holders just advertise where everything is unless you can completely conceal the cord.

  2. Tina Salter|

    I also keep credit cards in different places and not all in one wallet so if one is lost, all is not lost. When we travel together, my husband and I also split credit cards and cash so if one loses something, the other has it.

  3. Shawn Foster (@kcflatlander)|

    I like to keep some of those items in my chest pocket (when I have one) to keep it separate. Hard to lose if it’s right there.

  4. Arthur Rodriguez|

    ….or get a scottevest. ;-)