Travel Tip of the Day: Put a Shoe in the Safe

SafePut a Shoe in the Safe
If you like to use the safe when you stay in a hotel, but worry you’re going to forget you’ve left your valuables in there, here’s a solution: Put one of your shoes in the safe with your belongings the night before you leave. That way, when it’s time to leave the hotel, you’ll be forced to remember! It’s an old trick and works for many.



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Travel Tip of the Day: Put a Shoe in the Safe
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9 Comments on "Travel Tip of the Day: Put a Shoe in the Safe"

  1. Don’t know how you do it, Johnny! Always fresh, interesting and relevant. You’ve never wasted my time! Please keep doing what you do

  2. Great. Next time I put my diamond pinky ring in a hotel safe, I’ll have to worry about catching athlete’s hand.

  3. Great idea! Also good for the room fridge where I recently left a wonderful bag of cheeses. :(

  4. We stayed at the Waldorf in New York a couple years back. When at the airport, shortly before boarding, I realized that I left my Greencard in the hotel safe…. a true heart attack moment. The hotel was awesome. No one had opened the safe yet (only security does if a guest leaves and doesn’t unlock it) but the next guests were already in the room, and it was late. The next morning the hotel called the room and arranged for security to open the safe. They overnighted my Greencard and all was good. Since then I am nervous to put anything in the hotel safe…

  5. Considering it’s a shoe I usually forget in the room, that’s not going to work, but I like the concept!

    • I think he meant that you put one of the pair of shoes in the safe box that you plan on wearing when you leave the hotel for checkout. That way you wouldn’t leave with one bare foot and one shoe on. You’ll know to go get it.

  6. Wow! This is a great tip! I would definitely look for the missing shoe if ever I forget that I even put stuff inside the hotel safe. Thanks!

  7. What a great idea! I wouldn’t have even thought of that one!

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