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ChargingLast-Night Phone Charging
I’m sure one of the most common things travelers leave behind in their hotel room is their phone charger. I used to be that person, too. Now when I charge my phone on my last night in a hotel room, I put my carry-on bag near the outlet. I plug my phone in and place it in or on top of my bag so I can’t forget it. Simple, and it works!



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7 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Last-Night Phone Charging"
  1. Nancy Reid|

    Sounds good to me! Thanks!

  2. Pat|

    Check out ChargerLeash which will sound an alarm when it is disconnected. Also blinks a red light.

  3. Rick|

    …better yet… I wrap the charger cord around the carry on bag handle… nooo forgetting that way !

    1. Hundredbacklinks

      Great point! I’ve done that too and should’ve mentioned it.

  4. Christine Witton|

    Yes, I use this method for both charging my phone and my camera. I make sure that when I unplug the charger is removed and placed in my bag immediately.

  5. Suzanne Fluhr|

    Here’s another wrinkle — my charger is a USB on both ends, one of which plugs into an adapter so it can be plugged into a wall socket to charge. I have unplugged the charger, but let the wall socket adapter plugged in, rendering the charger cord useless without a computer. I have done this more than once. Note to self and everyone else: Make sure you unplug every part of the charger from the wall.

  6. My Travels with My Mum|

    Sometime the power point is in an awkward place or you might pick up the bag to put bathroom supplies in and not put it back in the right place.

    I put my shoe that I am wearing the next day up against the charger. if its a tie up, I tie the laces around it. If its a flip flop I wind the cord through the toes. Ive been doing this since I first started charging things and haven’t forgotten one yet.