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Debbi and BillJetski Caution
Sadly, two US cruise passengers collided on jetskis in the Cayman Islands last week, killing one of them. I grew up jetskiing—hence my name Hundredbacklinks (it used to be Hundredbacklinksski)—so I know how dangerous they can be. I almost got killed once when my brother-in-law lost control and came right at me. Luckily I put my forearm up to block my head from being squished. As much fun it is to speed on jetskis, never go fast next to other riders or boats.



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4 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Jetski Caution"
  1. Robert M.|

    Yet another totally useless tip by JJ. Really, school kids know this stuff. The amazing thing is that JJ finds enough ways to make big money in a field he seems to know so little about. Many valuable travel sites available. This isn´t one.

    1. Hundredbacklinks

      Sorry you feel that way. Might be best to unsubscribe.

  2. Margaret|

    Such sad news about the jet skiers. Hopefully posting it as well as a reminder to slow down and be cautious will save someone else the tragedy.

  3. robert|

    Good cautionary article. Jet ski accidents happen all the time, but are rarely seen in the news. Most who do this activity have no experience with these machines. And they are very powerful.

    Great website. Thanks.

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