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ChargerHow to Charge Your iPhone Faster
Yesterday I wrote about how I just got a new iPhone and that I love the fact that it has every app imaginable. What I don’t like about the iPhone is that its battery drains much more quickly than the batteries of my old Android, Windows and Blackberry phones. Now I know why my sister’s phone is always dead, and why I see only Apple users huddled next to the electrical outlets in airports and restaurants.

Well, my friend Jorian showed me that if you need a quick charge and you’re on a short layover, putting your phone on Airplane Mode will make it charge faster. You won’t be able to make or get phone calls, but at least you’ll have juice for your next adventure.

Of course, you should also carry a Mophie or some other portable charging device, but even those can run out!



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3 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: How to Charge Your iPhone Faster"
  1. Gary Greiwe|

    Thanks for the charging idea on the iPhone. I never thought of putting it on Airplane Mode for a faster charge. I’ll try that soon. GG

  2. Nancy Reid|

    Thanks for the TIP on charging my iPhone. I’m going to give it a whirl.

  3. Garry|

    More ways to increase your battery life:

    In iOS 8+:

    Go to Settings -> General

    Go to Background App Refresh. This is a list of apps that can automatically check status over the internet. Turn off the apps that you don’t need to have doing that.

    If you’re not using Personal Hotspot, turn it off.

    In Display & Brightness, adjust the screen brightness so it’s no higher than you need, and turn on Auto-Brightness if it’s off. This will dim the screen when the ambient light is low.

    In iTunes and App Store, turn off all automatic downloads. If you’re not on an unlimited data plan, turn off Use Cellular Data unless you use iTunes Radio and/or iTunes Match when you’re not on WiFi.



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