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PacSafe 140-Liter Backpack and Bag Protector

Get a Bag Protector
Yesterday I wrote about how you should watch what you leave in your hotel room, or at least lock your belongings in a safe when you leave the room. Another option is to get a bag protector ( or ), which makes it very difficult for a thief to get into your bag. It’s a particularly great idea if you’re staying in hostels—but a smart choice anywhere you’re staying.



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5 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Get a Bag Protector"
  1. Marti|

    I have used the pacsafe bag in hotels, rental apartments, rental cars, cruise ships, and even on overnight airplane trips. It gives me great piece of mind to know that I can leave extra cash, credit cards, passport, and electronics in my room without fear of theft. I have been a victim of theft from a hotel room in the past which is why I also try to stay in rental homes when we’ll be somewhere more than 3 days.

  2. ScottieMac|

    I travel with a SafePac every time I head to Europe and now I will bring it with me on my future domestic trips too!

    1. Anonymous|

      Won’t You risk having your bag broken into by security if you lock it up in the SafePac?

      1. Hundredbacklinks

        Yes! That should only be put on after security and if you have something really valuable in your bag and you plan to sleep

  3. Jb|

    Perhaps I’m paranoid, but for years I have traveled with a carry on that will fit under my seat, each pocket has a lock, I use mesh bags with zippers inside for my stuff and I safety pin those to the lining..in addition I have a cable lock that I can lock the bag to a piece of furniture…In hotel rooms I nest my bags, the one with valuables that won’t fit inside the safe goes in first, all zippers locked, then all the other bags, zippers locked and then cable locked to something that won’t move…knock on wood, it’s worked for 30+ years, but the bag protector looks like another good layer to add..