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FindiPhoneFind iPhone
I just got my first iPhone last week (full disclosure: Apple sent it to me for a 3-month trial). So far, I love all the apps, but one that really blows me away is the Find iPhone app, which will show you exactly where your iPhone(s) and iPad(s) are. Find iPhone, when engaged, means you’ll never lose your devices again—and if one gets stolen, you’ll be able to remotely lock it, wipe its memory and/or sound an alarm to alert you to where it is.

If you have an Apple product, you might already be very familiar. I was not. When I learned about it, I was in Florida so I wasn’t surprised that my phone was where it said it was: with me in Miami. But I’d forgotten that I’d given my dad my iPad, which was still signed into my Apple account, so when I saw an iPad in Connecticut, I said to myself, “Oh, my dad must have brought the device to my brother’s house.” Then I zoomed in on the map and saw that he was actually at my sister’s, so I called her up and asked her when dad had gotten to her place—all as a result of Find iPhone. She asked how I knew. Now you know!



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8 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Find iPhone"
  1. Kay|

    Hi Johnny,
    Just recently I used the feature to find my friend’s iphone. I was housesitting for her and she called to say that she didn’t know where her phone was. Perhaps it was in the car at the airport or maybe she had left it on the plane! Since they were in Death Valley with no internet I logged on to Find My Phone via iCloud. Luckily she had left it in her car at the airport. Now she could enjoy her vacation. Love the feature! I’m betting you wont’ be giving back that iPhone after your 3 month trial!

  2. Stefani Brancato|

    My boss left his iPad TWICE on an airplane. The first time, I retrieved it by using the “Find my iPhone” app and it was at SWA’s lost & found. The second time, it was at a person’s house. My boss made a police report, and a couple weeks later, the police called and said they had it.

    Yes, a wonderful app. I’ve used it for years for all my devices. Love my Apples!

    1. Hundredbacklinks

      That’s cool

  3. Jorge Vergara|

    You do know that Android had this since 2013, right?

  4. Pat|

    Now start using “Find Friends” when traveling.

  5. AA|

    John, don’t get too excited about, “Find My iPhone.” I say this because if you loose your phone and you utilize this feature, it alerts the person who has the phone, thus negating the chance that you might be able to get the authorities to track the person down who has the phone for recovery. Please withhold my name and email address.

  6. Mark Cobb|

    FYI, Android device owners can find their device(s) via Android Device Manger:

  7. Chad|

    For Android you can use Android device manager which will do the same things as find your iPhone.