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Tips for driving in the rainDriving in the Rain
Growing up in Connecticut, I quickly learned how to drive in the rain and snow. Then, when I moved to Los Angeles, I realized most Angelenos have no idea as to the basics of driving in the rain, to the extent that when it rains, I do everything I can to avoid driving—especially on the freeways. For those who don’t drive in the rain often, here are some tips from my local news station, KTLA.

  • Slow down
  • Turn on headlights
  • Use middle lanes
  • Follow tracks
  • Don’t use brakes



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7 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Driving in the Rain"
  1. Biz Traveler|

    Add one more. Especially in places where rain is rare. The roads will be very, very slipplery early the first rain after a period of dry weather. All the oil and other fluids that cars leak will float on top of the water and the road is “lubricated”. After a few hours of rain the fluids wash away but the first hour or two everyone needs to slow down as stopping distances are really long.

  2. Sharon|

    Re Driving in the Rain

    1. Mark|

      Great point Sharon. Here is some more information about cruise control.

      Addition to driving in the rain. Don’t use cruise control. If you loose traction, the cruise control won’t recognize it and you could loose control of the vehicle.

      Don’t use your cruise control when the road is wet and slippery due to snow, ice, heavy rain, hail, or other similar conditions. If your wheels begin to slip or skid while the cruise control is engaged you will need to remember that when you deactivate the cruise control, the speed of your vehicle’s wheels will change. The cruise control works to keep wheel speed constant and will do so even when the vehicle is skidding or slipping. When you deactivate the cruise control, the change in wheel speed can result in even more skidding and slipping so be prepared and don’t think that simply turning off the cruise control is going to make everything all right.

  3. Elena. Mendez|

    Driving in the rain another tip–

    Don’t drive with Bruce control.

    1. Elena. Mendez|

      I meant cruise control.

  4. Elena. Mendez|

    Driving in the rain another tip–

    Don’t drive with Cruise control.

  5. Dennis|

    RE: Driving in the Rain Tips
    Another important tip:
    Never use cruise control whhen there is rain or snow on the roadway, as this can cause your vehicle to suddenly speed up and/or spin out of control.


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