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Driver’s Licenses Okay as Airport ID for Two More Years
In a past tip, I wrote that due to the activation of part of 2005’s REAL ID Act, a driver’s license might no longer be enough to get you on a plane starting this year.

Well, on Friday afternoon the Department of Homeland Security announced that all airline passengers will be able to continue using their driver’s licenses as check-in identification until January 22, 2018. And according to the report from SF Gate, “Some would have until Oct. 1, 2020.” So, at least for now, you can breathe a sigh of relief!



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4 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Driver's Licenses Okay as Airport ID for Two More Years"
  1. BR|

    tell me why we should breathe a sigh of relief?

  2. Hermes|

    Thanks, Johnny – good to know. Only US states issued, or Canadian/Mexican provinces also? We are all in the same security system now. How about Euoprean drivers licenses?

    Just goes to prove that ‘driver licenses’ are not that at all. They are a defacto national ID. Canadian provinces are now adding health records. Used to be only police records.

    Didn’t see this in your brief piece but I presume you mean only domestic US travel, even to nations where no visa is required. I look forward to see an article on where a US citzien/resident can travel without a passport. Maybe you have already posted that in your very full website.

  3. Hermes|

    correction: not even to nations…

  4. Hermes|

    correction #2: I remembred incorrrectly – it is the provincial ID card of BC that is adding health records to its own card. The Federal social insurance number (SS# to US citizens and residents) is not yet connected to one’s driver’s license.