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Nat packingDon’t Wait until the Last Minute to Pack
Not many people like packing, but I’ve learned over the years to get it done earlier rather than wait until the last minute because inevitably, something will come up and you’ll get sidetracked and unfocused—or worse, you’ll wake up late and end up in a mad rush to catch your flight. And when you rush, you’re much more likely to forget something.

Don’t risk it, and pack in advance. And take your time doing it. I usually start piling stuff up in a corner a day or two before I leave and then place it all on the bed before the time comes to shove it in my bag.

For more packing help, here’s my post on 10 things you don’t need to pack. And (pictured above) 12 best packing hacks that’ll help to keep you organized on the go.



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1 Comment On "Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Wait until the Last Minute to Pack"
  1. Bettina S|

    What do I bring? Plenty of money if I have it! (in the form of credit card and debit card. You can always buy it somewhere in your travels. Passport too.
    All clothing is laid out on a card table a few days before trip. Then, I pare down, deciding the color scheme etc. Have to leave room for purchases! Usually end up with One color (blue, brown or black) for most–2-3 bottoms (skirts, pants) 4-5 tops, usual underwear and socks needed for the 2 pairs of shoes sweater, jacket and/or raincoat (that doubles as a more dressy coat) scarves, purse that doubles as a backpack, small wallet/purse that fits inside.And, I don’t bring a piece of clothing I would be really upset about losing. And, I wear one of the bulkier outfits on the plane. Carry on! with carry-on….

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