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Nail polishDon’t Put Nail Polish on in Public Places
I’m not a girl so I can’t really understand the fascination with nail polish, but I do know that it smells really bad. And I find it really rude when people put it on in closed public places—like trains, buses, hotel lobbies, and planes.

On planes, it’s not only rude, but also illegal to put on because nail polish is highly flammable. If you ever see someone putting it on, either tell them or ring the call button and let the flight attendant know.



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6 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Don't Put Nail Polish on in Public Places"
  1. John Redford (@johnredford)|

    Now if you could work on getting them to ease the hell up on perfume. That is so 1980’s and not only smells porrly, but destroys food and wine…

  2. Rose Orchard|

    This also applies to aerosols and perfumes! Just like smelly food it’s horrible in enclosed spaces – I have a very mild form of asthma but it’s triggered by chemical scents and that is far from fun when stuck somewhere.

  3. MR JAMES|

    had this happen years ago. woman had newborn with her. flight attendant removed her from plane. smell lingered for duration of flight!

  4. Kristen|

    Haha- I remember on flights in the 80’s my mother would go back to the smoking section of the plane, light a cigarette them proceed to paint her nails. She thought she was being thoughtful as it already smelled like smoke back there that no one would notice the nail polish fumes.

  5. Kristy|

    People can always use the Jamberry Nail Wraps if they really need to do nail upkeep. They don’t smell and just need a little heat to apply.

  6. Afrobella|

    This is why I use nail stickers when I travel! No need for smelly polish, just stickers and a file.