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TagDon’t Fill Out the Whole Baggage Tag
I see this mistake all the time and it’s a big no-no since it makes things too easy for thieves: When you’re traveling, don’t put your address on your baggage tag if it’s visible to the public. Either get a tag that you have to open to see the address on, or put only your phone number and email address on the tag. That way, while you’re sitting on the train, bus or at the airport no one can see that your house is vacant.

FYI: I flew with the Qantas baggage tag above (inside which I included my phone number and email address) to Ayers Rock in Australia.



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8 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Fill Out the Whole Baggage Tag"
  1. Anonymous|

    Another option is to use your business address, even if you’re traveling for pleasure.

  2. Roger N|

    If I do use an address, I use my work information. I am there 40+hours a week, anyhow… a second home almost…

  3. AmyEmilia|

    I usually put my business card in the luggage holder on my luggage. My business address is on it, and my email and cell phone. Potential thieves might know I’m from Houston, but they’d have a harder time finding my house!

    1. The Guy|

      I know this might sound crazy but our corporate HSE guy advises against this. He’s coming from the angle of it depends where you are travelling to. For example if I was going to a high risk country (which I have sometimes done) then showing my company name may raise my level of risk. I could be a kidnap target for a ransom since my company is named. I know it seems extreme but this is how the world works sometimes.

  4. Level headed|

    Wow, paranoid much?

  5. George Keller|

    Normally I use a business card. For travelers with out business cards I suggest Filling in the address and put the form upside down. The only time the address is needed is case of lost luggage. Also another suggestion is to have a copy of the itinerary inside the suitcase.

  6. The Guy|

    I’ve often heard this tip and agree on it. Thankfully, as a frequent traveller I often have the airline (alliance member airline) bag tags which just have my name and frequent flyer number. This is a much easier and safer way in my opinion. Then the airline can quickly identify my details and I can confirm my bag.

  7. rexyedventures|

    It’s all about common sense!

    Also, avoid putting valuables in the luggage in case it does get lost…