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FormCarry a Pen When Flying International
If you’re flying internationally, chances are you’ll be required to fill out customs and immigration forms. Instead of being rejected by the flight attendant or getting nasty looks as you ask everyone around you for a pen, make sure to carry one yourself and keep it handy. And if someone else asks to borrow yours, make sure to get it back!

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6 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Carry a Pen When Flying International"
  1. Nancy Reid|

    Good Advice. My hubby and I always carry pens and pencils business cards and ear buds in our computer bags. They always come in handy.

  2. BJ|

    I learned this the hard way on a trip to Mexico in 2010 ! Now I keep one in my carry on, when I get home, I leave it in there. Fortunately, people around us shared, which I do now when I travel out of the country. I’ve been blessed to be on flights with no problem people !

  3. Daniel Kraft|

    Can I suggest that the pen you bring is not a real cheapo ballpoint pen which may leak due to the airplane pressure. This has happened to me and I have ruined many shirts in my time. I never wanted to get a “pen protector” but on an airplane, it’s probably not a bad idea!

  4. James|

    I carry a pen with me everywhere and I would say half of the international flights I take I am sitting next to someone who doesn’t have a pen.

  5. Sharon|

    Really, what boob flies without a pen? I take a tiny “office supply” in a ziplock snack bag that contains, pen/pencil with eraser, sharpie marker, paper clips, safety pins, rubber bands and a tiny scotch tape and twist ties from the produce section at the market. Takes almost zero space and has been very useful on many trips.

  6. Kim Button

    Totally agree, and I was duly prepared for my flight from Frankfurt to Atlanta. So imagine my surprise when I had that pen in the seat pocket for 10 hours, and didn’t even need to use it. Atlanta has a digital entry, so need to fill out a form. Ironic that we were prepared that time, but kind of nice that we didn’t have to use it.


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