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UmbrellaBring an Umbrella
I was in Florida recently for the South Beach Wine & Food Festival (I was a guest of ). As you may have read I didn’t sleep so well, but I still took a lot away—including a travel tip or two. When I asked one of the food bloggers on the trip what her best travel tip was, she said: Always bring an umbrella. That’s not what I was expecting, but it’s a good one!

I always carry a compact umbrella in my carry-on. What’s funny is that I bought one for Natalie and of course, on our next trip a few weeks later, we were walking from the Tube to our hotel in London and it started to rain. I quickly grabbed my umbrella and asked why she wasn’t using hers. She said she hadn’t brought it because she didn’t like the colors of the one I bought her. I tried not to make any any remarks but she knew I was right (for once) in saying she should have brought it, and you’ll be happy to know that she now carries a plain black compact umbrella instead of the colorful one I gave her. Moral of the story: Always bring an umbrella. You can get them in any department store, or grab .

FYI: In the photo above, my dad came prepared on one of our days in Ischia, Italy.



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6 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Bring an Umbrella"
  1. Zeke|

    Second moral of the story: black goes with everything–and so do pearls. (Hint!) ;-)

    1. Hundredbacklinks


  2. Tony|

    Wow, did you miss “the moral of the story” with your new bride. Let me explain, as someone who has been married a long time and knows many similar males. No matter how successful you might be in in whatever enterprise you are engaged in, you will always be wrong according to your wife except on very rare and memorable occasions. In this case you purchased “the wrong color umbrella.” Better you learn this early in your marriage than later on. Also your wife will deny this but as your marriage hopefully progresses through many years, you will learn that is in deed the moral of the story.

  3. MJ|

    I would rather carry disposable ponchos.

  4. Family Foodie|

    What crazy food blogger would ever come up with this answer? hahaha

    1. Hundredbacklinks




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