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Ask the Crew at the Towel Hut (VIDEO)
Aloha! A few readers have been asking me to do more videos, and since I was just in Hawaii with an incredible backdrop, I decided today was the right time to do my first video travel tip! Let me know what you think. If you don’t like it, I won’t do any more—and if you do, there will be more on the way.

If you’re going for a swim in the ocean, don’t bring your valuables to the beach. If you must bring them, either ask a beachgoer you can trust to watch them, leave them with the crew at the towel hut/stand or wrap your wallet, phone, passport, etc. in a plastic bag and discreetly bury the whole thing in the sand below your towel.

FYI: The spectacular beach above can be found at in Waikiki.



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13 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Ask the Crew at the Towel Hut (VIDEO)"
  1. naoma|

    I do not even CARRY A PURSE in regular life. I’d take nothing to the beach that I could not carry on my person. Never take chances. Been robbed on beaches in the past — once had
    an earring torn out of my ear! Another time similar circumstance.

  2. Corey|

    Sorry. This wasn’t worth doing a video for. I was able to read it in less time than it took the video to buffer. And you didn’t even show much of the beach!

  3. Carol H.|

    Nice video tip. Like these as long as you also have the written commentary for times when I can’t play the video aloud.

  4. Kim Button

    Great video, Johnny! I agree, you need to do more videos!!

  5. Victoria|

    I enjoy the tips. But unless the video has something additional to offer, like showing something that’s hard to explain or describe, it’s not worth it.

  6. Leo Shurtleff|

    Another suggestion would be to get one of those waterproof cases with a lanyard. They are big enough to hold a couple cards, cash and a key. Throw it around your neck and you are good to go.

  7. Anonymous|

    I like hearing your voice, so I vote “Yes!” on the videos but it would be nice to also do a slow 360 degree pan so that we can see the surfers and waves. That way we’ll feel like we are there with you! Are you going to check out Lanikai Beach?

    1. Hundredbacklinks

      Good suggestion! I just returned to California

  8. Robert|

    Great tip and great idea! Always look forward to your daily tips, now even better with video!

  9. Anonymous|

    Didn’t watch the video yet but need to comment ~ If I put my billfold/wallet under my towel, I would probably pick up the towel, walk around with the towel as I dried off, then go back to get my buried treasure and forget where I buried it. Arghhh!

  10. seminolerick|

    I second the notion on waterproof bags… buy a camera one, small enuf to stuff in yur belly area, inside bathing suit, to hold room key, and other essentials ya cannot leave in the room.
    Has worked for years for me… the camera bag selection obv best if it fits yur point & shoot , but is not accompanying yous to the beach. Well worth the expense !

  11. Douglas|

    Love the idea of you doing more video tips. Short and sweet rules the day. Also second the suggestions above to use the video medium to illustrate a point or show the surroundings. Keep the text only version for those in a hurry. Thanks!

  12. Kathleen Pacheco|

    : ( No video. Couldn’t see anything. Don’t know why because most times I’m able to play them. Please do them with a caption to explain. They are the new up and coming thing! : D