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Omni Hotel Fort Worth room

Ask About the Hotel Pillows
Last week I was in Fort Worth, and while researching the Omni Fort Worth Hotel for my story (check it out here) after returning home, I learned that the hotel offers guests their choice of three types of pillows. That hurt, because the pillows they had on the bed weren’t that great and if I’d only known they offered other types of pillows, I probably would’ve slept a lot better. The moral of the story? Always do your research before checking out—and if you aren’t happy with your hotel bed pillows, it can’t hurt to ask if they offer other kinds.



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3 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Ask About the Hotel Pillows"
  1. geo|

    One time while staying at a fairly pricey hotel, the pillows didn’t feel great, so I asked at the desk about some other ones, the clerk acted like a real jerk, so I asked to see the Mgr. person. When they came out from behind the walls I told them I would like the same quality pillows for my bed they had in their top grade room/suite. He sent a person up to that room and had them bring those pillows to our room.
    They were (as you said) a much better quality product. As the old saying goes, “it never hurts to ask”.

  2. Nellann Nipper|

    I always travel with a zipped pillow cover and my own pillowcase. Easy to pack and I can put the hotel pillow in the cover…zip it closed,put my own pillowcase on and I don’t feel like I am sharing the pillow with hundreds of other travelers

    1. Hundredbacklinks

      Great tip! We will use it for a future reader tip! thank you!



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