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GreyhoundI know that my name is Hundredbacklinks, not Johnny Bus, but I above all I like to save money and time and avoid hassles when I travel—and sometimes taking the bus is the best option.

Last week, I learned a valuable trick while booking a Greyhound ticket from Erie, Pennsylvania to Mississauga, Ontario (just outside of Toronto). The price for the journey was $52.50 for a last-minute ticket (24 hours in advance), a great deal because flying from Erie to Toronto costs anywhere between $250 and $950 for a one-way ticket. Flying also requires a change of planes and riding on a cramped prop plane unless you fly on one of Delta’s tired regional jets (that’s the $950).

When I noticed there was a transfer in Buffalo, I decided to price my ticket out as two one-ways instead of one. Sure enough, the price went down drastically! A ticket from Erie to Buffalo was only $12 (above) and then the ticket from Buffalo to Mississauga was just $20 (below). By breaking it into two trips I saved almost 40 percent. Crazy, right?

For more on my trip and all that I learned about Greyhound, check out my story here.

Note: Keep in mind if your first bus is late and you miss your connection you will most likely have to buy a whole new second ticket or plea for an agent or driver to let you slide.


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5 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Greyhound Bus Trick"
  1. Michael Zullo|

    Way to go Johnny…Thanks for the Greyhound tip. Our next bus or train trip that requires a change – – we’ll price our ticket out as 2-ways…We’re always looking to save a few bucks when we are on the road…Michael Z, Manhattan.

  2. Nancy USA|

    Have you also checked out BOLT busses?
    They are a division of Greyhound I’m told. They have very limited service (most east coast I think). There has been no promotion here on the west coast but an Italian friend visiting found them and got LA to San Fran for $7. Similar cheap fares LA to Vegas, and something as cheap to Seattle!
    I was hoping for something out of San Diego (my town) to help us get to Vegas or through LA (hate that drive!). Apparently there was a route out of SD but it only lasted a month.
    This all took place around Christmas. I need to go back and research again.

    1. Hundredbacklinks

      I have but it’s been a few years

  3. Nancy Reid|

    Never would have thought! What a great idea!

  4. Tom Belcourt-Weir|

    Great advice, found this via Google because haven’t used Greyhound before and was thinking of splitting my ticket. (first time over here in Canada/US, but have traveled a lot in Europe). What you said about missing the second leg if the first bus was late… If both legs are the same bus line and leave straight after one another, surely there is no risk of missing the second one? Going from Montreal -> Burlington -> Boston. Both legs are Line 3536.