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Share Your Own Tips

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  1. Some say, after they visited Rome, Paris, London that they have been there and done that. Johnny is taking a river Cruze. I’ve stayed along the best parts of the Rhine many times. Been to Strasbourg? try Colmar. Saw caveman art in the Dordogne, France.. Beached along surf spots in the Basque Region of France and Spain, rented homes along the Riveria, Austria, and the Italian Lake District. Point? There are numerous interesting places to see way beyond the big list. OK, Paris is hard to beat. Still, your money will go further if you explore a little. Milk? Austria, Frisia? Belgium countryside? Brugge? Many of the best smaller towns have central cities with no cars and great atmosphere. A real pleasure.

  2. Dish HopperGO, highly recommend potential buyers investigate. Item is not free, DOES NOT work with laptops/Mac, cumbersome & for me used data. Spent $99 to learn it doesn’t work per their sales dept & you have to pay shipping to return before any refund,

  3. We like LUFTHANSA AIRLINE, but do not like Frankfort Airport. The gates are far far away and you must take a packed bus to the plane with no jetways. Climb the stairs with your carry on. Short layovers keeps you from enjoying the Lounge.

    Fav airlines: Emirates, Gulf Air, Air France, Canada.

  4. Two words that make travel in Europe a pleasure: Trains and Apaertments. While no travel advice is good 100% of the time, taking advantage of train travel in Europe is far better than car rental. Trains in Europe are relatively inexpensive, on time, and safe. We love getting into conversations with locals and asking for advice on things to see.
    I always check out an apartment rental first before I compare it to hotels. I am not talking airBnB, I am talking about private apartments with full amenities and usually great locations. Apartments are not always the least expensive but if you learn how to discern apartment rental websites, you can do well. We love to have flexible schedules and sleep in a few days a week. Apartments serve that style of travel.

  5. Richard J DeAgazio | January 23, 2018 at 9:27 pm | Reply

    You buddy at ScottVest just shot himself in the foot! I buy Scottvests as gifts but no more after his FoxNews Tweet.

    What was he thinking???

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  7. Best tip I found out whilst travelling in Australia, particularly as we did a lot in Queensland seeing the Great Barrier Reef is that they have after hours doctor available for internationals as well. You just have to call or even book with the app, it was so easy!

  8. Regarding the hotel thermostat problem with infrared detection, here is a great tip via WSJ reader: attach a cheap mylar balloon to the output vent to keep the sensors in motion. This prevents the switch (and air) from going off in the night:

  9. Very happy to share a little bit of Orlando, Florida specifically about the Magic Kingdom with you, the weather, in general, is hot in the summer from June to September, more than 100 degrees, so take a lot of water to hydrate and avoid getting tired, do not forget to call and make reservations with a Walt Disney world limousine service that is professional, affordable and on-time Limousine company.

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  11. My husband and I recently went to a seminar about all different kinds of security given by an ex military, retired fbi. He started with cyber security, but the tip he shared there for travel security seemed like genius to me. When out and about in travel situations, he carries a fake wallet….made from a well used older wallet and outfitted with an expired drivers’ license, a few other cards and a small amount of local cash. He says the muggers are just as nervous as you are and he tosses them this wallet and says, “This is what you want…..” and says nine times out of ten they leave him alone after that. We will definitely do that on our next overseas trip.

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