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Everyone knows there’s not one website out there that has the absolute cheapest price for airfares, hotels, car rentals, cruises and package deals so the trick is to do your research and check them all to see who has the best deal at that moment in time. With this new engine all you have to do is input your city pairs and dates and click check rates. Six windows will open up as they simultaneously search a variety of travel websites like , and . It not only saves you time but money. Check it out for yourself!


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  1. where do you find this search engine?

  2. Still can’t find the new search engine!

  3. Hi Johnny,

    Enjoy your newsletter. I too, am unable to find your booking tool.

    Thank you

  4. Ck. @ low tide in Rowayton, you never know??

  5. Am I blind? I don’t see it anymore…?

  6. Does you air fare search work on multi-city travel? If so how do I get to it?

  7. Johnny-cannot locate your booking tool. Have tried viewing your site on Chrome and Firefox. No dice. Tried the link you suggested-nothing. Please advise

  8. Hi Johnny,

    Just wondering if you have seen recent app called “Native” or is that the one you are using??

    Would like to hear your review as this app is $25 a month for a single user…

  9. Elaine in North Tx. | August 7, 2015 at 5:59 pm | Reply

    I have your search tool located and do not have ads blocked but it doesn’t seem to be working. I am using firefox. It keeps telling me to check a provider but there are no providers listed.

  10. interview on Chicago radio station Friday 8/14 in the morning. You talked about a site that gives suggestions for the best time to purchase airline tickets based on the departure and arrival cities. I thought you said there would be a link here but I don’t see anything like it.
    Can you please tell me what it is?
    Thank you

  11. I only get hotel recommendations even if i am on the flight tab.

  12. Ad blocker is off and I am running Chrome. I still cannot find your booking tool. Seriously, if this many people are having a problem, you should get someone to redesign your website.

  13. I can not find the search engine

  14. I can’t pull up booking either and we are hoping to leave in a few weeks. Are your deals for all inclusive similar to Expedia? Airline and flight to somewhere warm over Thanksgiving break?

    • Hundredbacklinks Hundredbacklinks | November 6, 2015 at 7:43 am | Reply

      Thanks for the note! I’m having them look into it right now. No idea why some can see it and why some can’t. In the meantime just search all the other websites like Expedia and

  15. For flights, my screen does not show a “check rates” place.

  16. Please Help Me! I paid for travel insurance and this last trip at the end of 2014, I fell chasing a dog into an unseen drainage ditch covered with grass. I could not fly and had to buy tickets for me and my little girl to return home three weeks later. I spent 448.00 per ticket. The company will not reimburse me unless I can give them my itenarary. I paid almost 900.00 and they won’t reimburse me unless I can get the itenarary. American Airlines told me they do not keep that info. I was in so much pain I didn’t think I nedded that. They told me to get all the Dr forms filled out and I did but no luck. At it’s depressing, looks like its a scam. AIG is the

    • Hi, Natasha here. I live in ashburn, VA and today when I went to Dulles airport I was going on American Airlines when my mom and I were getting the tickets the people said the flight was delayed and they never told us the reason I agree with my mom because American Airlines is stupid and the people delay the flights all the time so I tried United Airlines and they did the same so my mom bought tickets for tomorrow and I’m annoyed those plane people are stupid. Uggghhhh when I when on frontier that never happens. The main reasons this is happening is because the people are stupid, I was doing assistance flight, and because it was delayed.

  17. Sorry, I must have hit the post comment button. Do you have any ideas, suggestion? I am so upset I have paid all these years and the one time I need it I get nothing. I would never had paid that much to fly one way from St. Louis to Los Angeles. I am out all that money. Plus the 75.00 for the travel guard insurance through AIG. Btw, they never asked for the detailed airline info until 8 months later. I even gave them a copy of the visa bill I purchased them on. Please help me if you can,
    Cindy Sprinkle
    Love your segment on Leo Laporte’s show! It’s my favorite

    • Hundredbacklinks Hundredbacklinks | November 9, 2015 at 6:30 pm | Reply

      Hi Cindy,

      I’m sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, you will need the itinerary. Did you pay with a credit card? You can ask them for a copy!

  18. Johnny, love the video from Paris.
    What is the best site to track overseas flight prices? I’m going to Japan at the end of April. Mahalo, Stan

  19. I heard you on the Leo Laport Show a few weeks ago talking about your travel agent. I believe she was a female and she sounds great at what she does. I have never had a great experience dealing with booking plane flights or hotels in the past and I would like to communicate with her to do all my travel arrangements from now on. Who is your travel agent and how can I her? Thanks. BTW – I love all the great info. you have given over the years on Leo’s show. Very informative.

  20. Can you recommend a hotel in Amsterdam? I have a hotel booked thru a riverboat company but the price is really high. I have never been to Amsterdam, so I am concerned about booking a hotel when I don’t know the area..

  21. Hey Johnny.

    any good deals to Toronto, ON, Canada (YYZ) in the next 1-2 days? Thanks.

    you’re the man on The Tech Guy.

  22. I can’t find the booking tool or any way to search for flights.

  23. I saw you on Leo one day (I watch all the time & love your tips) talk about some search tool that will display the cost in frequent flyer miles… I can’t seem to find one that works though. The “” site just hangs at the “searching” page.

    Also, is there a way to get around BA’s crazy “carrier-imposed fee?” I have AA miles and want to go SAN->LON roundtrip in business, but I would like to not have to shell out another $900 on top of the 115K mi I’d be spending…


    • Hi Emre,

      Don’t fly BA longhaul and there’s no fee. You can use your AA miles for AA flights or Iberia, Finnair or Air Berlin to save on the fuel surcharges. As my buddy Ramsey says there’s a reason BA flights are always available…cause AA pockets a big chunk of change!

  24. Michael Zullo | June 18, 2016 at 2:52 pm | Reply

    Looking for cheapest *A from ORD to LIS one way in BUS. in late November. Have about 100,000 UA Miles. Don’t want to do an award as I need to pump up my Miles for status.

  25. greetings.

    how do i access booking tool you describe above ?

  26. Great site. Heard you on Leo Laporte. What is the best tool for checking multi-destination flights? I want to go LAX to Manila for a week in Oct 2017, and then stop for a few days in Hong Kong before returning to LAX.

  27. Hi Johnny, So hoping you can help me. Some time ago, I read in one of your posts an article about using an outside service to analyze all your frequent flyer miles to come up with the best booking option for miles(for a fee), which I recall your referring to as a “Miles Hacker.” Could you give me a few website links as a referral? If one really doesn’t know the ins and outs of redeeming frequent flyer miles, especially for complicated itineraries, it would be so worth the price for having someone else to it for you!

    Thank you so much.I have been a loyal follower of your site for years! I hope you can lead me in the right direction.

  28. I’m looking for hotel and air for 2 from PDX to Orlando December 12-17, 2018. Will be needing to also ship 2 dogs in cargo. Have never done this kind of shopping before. Where do I start and what is the best time to shop for Orlando rates? How do I know that is a good price when I have nothing to compare to?. Thanks

  29. your search thing sucks

  30. Ronald Surprenant | February 5, 2019 at 10:20 pm | Reply

    Ok I give up. Your Booking Tools talks about a “New Engine” that allows one to input your trip details and six screens will pop up with all of the best deals. But you do not give any information about just HOW to get to this “new engine” ??? Please advise (clearly).

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