Travel Portal

Johnny’s Travel Portal has all of the necessary information you need before, during and planning for your next trip.

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Find all the resources you need to make booking and planning your travel an easy and stress-free process.



Don’t know what kind of trip you want to take?  Check out these resources and find the perfect destination and vacation style.



Everyone wants their travel experience to go smoothly.  Here are some helpful resources for having the best time during your travels.



You’ve picked the destination, now what should you do?  Check out these resources for finding the best and most fun activities while you are away.



Find all of the up-to-date travel industry news and information with these resources.





5 Comments on "Travel Portal"

  1. Jon, on today’s Techguylabs radio show, Leo and you were discussing some type of mobile chat program (sounded like FastChat), but I missed it while driving. Can you help me out with the name of the mobile chat program?


  2. Johnny
    I’m retired and just like to travel. I’m less interested in where I’m going than getting a good deal. Where can I find a site that lists good deals before deciding the destination?

  3. Johnny, I’m 6-1 and have Ankylosing Spondilitis. I hate to fly because I am too tall. I have to fly to a training cross country. Is there a list or tool to find out what airlines offer more legroom? Many international airlines have a middle ground. Business, preferred, and coach. I would select the preferred, more leg room and maybe a couple of extra goodies. Are there any US carriers with preferred seating before the super expensive business class?

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