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About ten years ago I sat next to a world class climber on a flight from L.A. to Chicago. After I told her I was going to be making a connection to Switzerland, she asked if I would be so kind as to buy her a SIGG water bottle. Back then you couldn’t buy SIGG products online, and she just kept telling me how great SIGG bottles are for travelers. SIGG has been around for over 100 years, and it now turns out that they have an office in my home state of Connecticut. They make bottles to the highest standards of Swiss quality and craftsmanship and most importantly they make bottles that are ecologically sound, reusable and ultimately, easily recycled.

The future SIGG sees is green and clean, sleek and stylish—they now make bottles that are as fashionable as they are functional. Their newest product——has a rotary slide valve control system, implemented for the first time, which creates an intelligent flow rate. It’s equipped with “Open,” “Close,” “Air” and “Clean” functions that help dictate what mode you want to be in. By turning the bottle top, the rotary slide valve system opens a small aperture to release pressure from drinks, avoiding a low flow or overflow. By turning the valve to the “Air” function for a nanosecond and then to “Open,” you get seamless suction and flow even with carbonated or effervescent beverages. The rotary slide valve system facilitates an optimal flow cross section for immediate refreshment. All of this without having to tilt or lift the bottle due to the internal straw system that will always deliver your beverage and never obstruct your view while in motion.

It has few components making it quick and easy to dismantle and reassemble. In the convenient “Clean” mode, the top will pop right off ensuring safe and hygienic cleaning. In the “Close” position, the bottle is virtually leakproof. The top is extremely lightweight, durable and completely BPA- and phthalate-free. Due to it’s aluminum composition, the bottle is completely recyclable at the end of it’s long life.


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