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  1. randy arenstein | June 9, 2015 at 10:50 pm | Reply

    Hey Hundredbacklinks-
    Was checking out LAX today, there is Etihad Airways (EY) according to flight for airline codes

    • Hundredbacklinks Hundredbacklinks | June 10, 2015 at 9:04 am | Reply

      Thanks! Love Etihad!

      • Hi Johnny,
        Where is that beautiful view of the blue sea and beach surrounded by the white cliffs that is pictured above the new travel deals on the 8/23/17 email that was sent to me. That is a place I would like to visit.
        Best Wishes,

  2. mexico

  3. With issues going on in Greece, is NOW a GOOD time to try to find a deal for Summer 2016 or do you think it is wise to stay away from Greece trips due to possible issues at hotels, etc?

  4. Johnny,

    Thr Elbe and Danube rivers are at record low levels this year. Viking has canceled alot of cruises in July. Can you investigate this and report back. Thanks

    • Hundredbacklinks Hundredbacklinks | July 22, 2015 at 2:23 pm | Reply

      I did not know. I will find out

      • Hundredbacklinks Hundredbacklinks | July 22, 2015 at 2:41 pm | Reply

        Viking is quick with their replies:

        “Not true – this is not a record low situation and Viking has not cancelled a lot of cruises – but yes, there is low water on the Elbe and Danube (it’s a temperate climate – high and low water can happen during the season). The good thing about Viking’s Longships is that they are nearly identical and sail in opposite directions of the same itinerary – so if a certain portion of the river is not passable because of the water level, Viking does a “ship swap,” and all guests are moved onto their same stateroom on the sister ship to continue their journey with minimal disruption. Other cruise lines with a smaller fleet might need to cancel the whole cruise.

        In fact…Aaron Saunders is onboard right now on the Danube, and he wrote about the ship swap here:

        There’s an update on the handful of current sailings that have been modified or cancelled here: .

  5. babu subramaniam | August 17, 2015 at 8:06 pm | Reply


    planning to make a trip to Munich dec.20-Jan.4th any suggestions on deals with fares from lax? thanks!

  6. Are there ever any deals to Hawaii, specifically Lihue, anymore? Next year is our 25th and i like to get the whole family there for a while but $600 round trip is prohibitive. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  7. Any deals to Israel direct flight or one short stop?

  8. I would like to know what is the best price alert app or website registration for international travel. Johnny, Can you help? I just want to receive the best deal alerts for international travel if I enter in the “to & from” locations and approximate dates.



  9. Why can’t I check on flights to Manila Philippines on your site? I have tried to check out your deals but every time I put in the name Manila it always asks for an arrival airport. SO tell me what’s going on with this?

  10. We are wanting to fly to Disneyland in CA from VA in July 2016. when should I start looking at booking the flight? We are staying with family so I don’t need hotel but would like to get the most bang for my money

  11. Need to go to Washington D.C. Dulles on December 9th to 19th to visit relatives in Virgina. Where are the deals?

  12. Dear Johnny

    What is the best way to get to Tenariff–Canary Islands-From los Angeles, and best airline deals.


    D H-

  13. Hey Johnny,

    Love hearing you on the tech guy show. What website do you recommend for flights? Its generally for business and quick turn around. Thanks! Safe travels.

  14. Any suggestions for single senior solo travelers who don’t always want trips and prices based on two people?

  15. Hell Johnny, I have a large family we want to take a long weekend to st petersburg FLA from MA. My ability to buy 6 plane tickets on the spot is limited. I was wondering is there a way to get a package deal on airfare that i can pay on now till memorial day weekend

    • Hundredbacklinks Hundredbacklinks | February 15, 2016 at 8:07 am | Reply

      Hi Dean,

      I’m sorry but I can’t think of the website that allows it. I believe there is one and will let you know if I remember it.

  16. Love to listen when your on WGN:) I was curious if any package deals are out there for single women that would be interesting to me? I’m in my 50’s and want to do more than sit at a beach bar. I am not wealthy by any means, however would like to get away for a few days and not sure about the travel agencies around here. Please advise. Thank you

  17. Hi Johnny,
    My husband and I are traveling to Europe( London, Paris Italy) Sept. till Oct. 5 weeks for the first time and would like your input on travel agency that could help us plan our trip( not a group tour). HELP.

  18. mark alexander | April 20, 2016 at 6:56 pm | Reply

    Johnny. Can you recommend a last minute tour company for 10 nights or so to Japan leaving the end of May?

  19. I heard you speak to Leo Gordon Laporte, the KFI Tech Guy via satellite phone from somewhere in the Atlantic. What a time to be alive.

    Caught this website’ and

    Thanks for putting this stuff together; traveling will be more fun with you around.


    Ron Lyons

  20. Hi Johnny:

    I was looking on your website last week and was reading about a trip to Greece. You go stay on shore than a boat takes to you another Island every couple of days. I am back on your site but don’t see the trip. How can I locate?

  21. Megan Lillich | May 11, 2016 at 1:33 pm | Reply

    Hi looking for advice- want to do a Christmas market cruise of the Rhine- which cruise line do you recommend for a 40-year-old with some mobility issues?

  22. Why is today’s Europe flight deals tranfering me to Deak Ray who wants my cell #
    Not good.
    Where else can I find the low fares to Europe.
    Thank you

  23. Did you say on Leo’s show this weekend that there were 299.00flights to Europe? I was driving, missed part of it.

  24. Hi My name is Jennifer and i’m from Germany and want to travel to England apart from passport is there anything i should go through before booking my flight ..I need all the information Thanks

  25. my husband and i can not find any tours that we can see russia, the norway fjords and end in helsink finland for tour and visiting relatives. can you help us. he’s not excited for russia but since were in the area, we should see it

  26. Hi! Trying to figure out the most effective way to go from San Diego to Israel with perhaps a stop in Barelona or London on the way back. Is it more cost effective going from L.A.? Going end of July and beginning of August and have some airline AMEX miles to help. Thanks for any guidance.

  27. Hi. We are planning a family vacation to Maui for 8 – 10 people. Is there a best way to find condos or hotel suites with 3 to 4 bedrooms? This will be for July of this year.

  28. Johnny…..planing a trip to Lima, last few days in May in to June. Expensive, any words of advise?

  29. Nancy here, out of Tucson, maybe Phoenix!

  30. Kevin Hopkins | March 14, 2017 at 4:27 pm | Reply

    Johnny, is there a good time to get discount cruises to Alaska? Thank you!

  31. New to your site as a result of your presentation at the Travel Show in Philadelphia this weekend – March 25.

    Had a go of your site and would like to know how I can ask a question on Travel Deals.

    Question: Can I use my personal Verizon carrier phone in Hawaii?

  32. We are booked on Diamond Princess Aug. 4 Japan cruise with Festivals. We have looked at booking an additional 9 days and flight Pre-cruise with TripMasters, and price is good, but we want to change return air after cruise. Any ideas?

  33. I’m looking for an all inclusive vacation with family (11 people) in August. Budget is USD 1000 per person (or below). Can you recommend some destinations and websites to book with?
    Preferred: any island is Hawaii, Cancun or Montego Bay (Jamaica)

    Thanks Johnny

  34. Hello,
    I want to travel to Israel the last week in June, 2017 for 3 weeks. I have not seen my family in 20+ years. Money is tight. My dates are flexible. My principal finally agreed to release me from my summer teacing assignment! Can you help me make this happen? Many thanks, Helen

  35. Hi! Trying to figure out the most effective way to go from San Diego to Israel with perhaps a stop in London on the way back. Is it more cost effective going from L.A.? Going end of July and beginning of August and have some airline AMEX miles to help. Thanks for any guidance.

  36. on a recent leo lappet show you mention japan app where you hire a local guide to tour and local to cook a meal can i get the info on that we r going on a cruise with windstar going thru alaska islands ending in tokyo and plan on a few days there leaving in sept thank you

  37. TravelZoo! various places to visit with a beautiful prices.Thank You

  38. My daughter is looking at studying abroad in June 2019. Is there a airline miles credit card I can apply for whose points will cover the flight? She is looking at Port Elizabeth, South Africa and would be leaving from the midwest – Chicago, Kansas City, Des Moines,Omaha.

  39. Where do you suggest I can get best prices for traveling to Orlando in April from LAX?

  40. Princess Cruises has some inexpensive Economy flights to London from St. Louis.The problem is that when you go to request your seats, they don’t show anything available. I’ve got a feeling that you won’t know where you are seating until you get to the airport. They may even seat you and your wife separately.
    I’d prefer the Premium Seating, but it is $700 more. I think I can choose my seats on those flights.
    Is there anyway you know to be able to choose your seats with Economy Seating?

  41. I heard you on The Tec Guy show and you said that flights to Australia where great now I am planning on taking my wife and kids ( adult kids ) to Melbourne Australia in August this year there will be 6 all together do you have any suggestions for me to get best prices for traveling to Melbourne in August from Chicago ? Thanks I love to here your Flying tips and app keep up the good work

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