Travel App of the Week: Silvercar

Rented from SilverCar

Rented from Silvercar

If you’re planning on renting a car from any of these airports—Austin (AUS), Chicago (ORD), Dallas Love (DAL), Dallas Ft. Worth (DFW), Denver (DEN), Ft. Lauderdale (FLL), Los Angeles (LAX), Miami (MIA), Phoenix (PHX), Washington Dulles (ORD), and San Francisco (SFO)—then I recommend you try out . The short reason: No lines, no paperwork, and premium features at no extra cost.

I like what I’ve seen so far, and in fact I’ve just reserved a car. It took me less than a minute to reserve a car and about two minutes to create an account (had to input my name, address, and credit card and driver’s license info). Then I received this email which I think explains a lot:

We have been preparing for over a year to bring something new and fresh to airport car rental and we hope you like the result. We know you’re tired of mediocre car rental service. Believe us, so are we. We are frequent travelers just like you and we don’t like to wait. Period. So that’s why we’ve designed the experience to eliminate all of those “ugh” moments and put you in control. We hope that instead of saying “ugh”; you’ll say “wow”. That’s our goal.

Since we’re different from the other guys, it’s probably best if we explain how Silvercar works. We’ll try to be brief – we know you have places to go and things to do.


  • First you need to have a Smartphone (pretty sure that isn’t a problem…).
  • Next, download the Silvercar app on your phone.
  • Fire it up and create both a profile and reservation (if you haven’t already). – Input your flight details so that we can change the reservation if you’re delayed.

Then, once you arrive at Silvercar at your destination…

  • Catch the Rental Car Shuttle to get to our suite or, at some locations, we will pick you up curbside. Check your confirmation email or the Silvercar smartphone app for specifics at your location.
  • Assuming your profile information is complete, a Silvercar concierge will verify your driver’s license and credit card on first rental.
  • Your reservation is started by scanning the QR code on the driver’s side windshield of your Audi.

That’s it! Insert key, sync your phone if you’d like, and GO.

Oh, and there will be friendly Silvercar concierges around to help if you need them.

Silvercar budget

Budget price when I searched, for comparison

Now the real reason to rent from Silvercar is that you get a world-class Audi A4 every time. That’s right, a silver Audi A4. Yes, it’s the only car in their fleet, so no more “take-what’s-left” at the car rental counter. What’s even cooler is that the car syncs with your phone to offer you a world-class experience.

Here are several important features that come complimentary with your Silvercar (straight from the horse’s mouth):

  • Navigation system. Yes, it’s free. It’s not an upcharge. All Silvercars come with a multimedia navigation system in the car that’s ready and waiting.
  • SiriusXM satellite radio. Yes, another “standard” feature of our Silvercars. (We really don’t like the word “standard” but in our case it really means “free” so we’ll go with it.)
  • Wi-fi hot spot. Your Silvercar provides you with free wi-fi. Now you can download that huge file without having to hit the local coffee shop before your meeting.
  • Bluetooth pairing. Pair your smartphone with your car for hands-free calling and listening to music from your phone.
  • Toll tracking. At Silvercar, toll tracking is free. When you enter the car rental return area, we remotely search for toll fees associated with your Audi A4 and bill them to your account. We don’t charge any usage fees. We just pass on the tolls that you used – nothing else.
  • Audi quattro all-wheel drive. Ready for all weather conditions.
  • Leather seats. Just like your car back home.
  • Road-side safety assistance. Your Silvercar includes road-side safety at no extra charge.


All this sound pretty darn good, wouldn’t you say? And they aren’t that much more expensive then the guys who charge you almost the same price for a compact car and no additional extras. Bottom line if you are looking to drive a luxury car with all the bells and whistles for not that more money then give Silvercar a shot. 25 years or older.

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