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Would you rather wake up to a blaring alarm clock or to the sound of a human voice with a fun or beautiful, looping 6- to 10-second video? I’d much rather go with the latter, too. Thanks to the brilliant Rise&Smile app by Dignity Health, to promote their Hello Human Kindness awareness campaign, there’s now a unique way to wake up.

Just download the free app on either iTunes or Google Play and set the easy alarm clock by moving your finger over the dial. Voila! When the time comes, you will be greeted and treated to a video that will be sure to put a smile on your face. I just tried it out and I was greeted by a little girl who said “Good Morning” in a short video just a few seconds long. It was so cute I couldn’t help the huge grin on my face.

NOTE: The alarm is pre-programmed to go off Monday through Friday so you will need to manually go in and set it for the weekend or uncheck the days of the week you don’t want it to go off. You can also set the alarm for different times and days to make it super easy to wake up.

The only downside of the Vine-like app is that you can’t share it on your social networks like Vine. Therefore, I shot two videos of the same thing. One using the Rise & Smile app and the other using Vine, both from my phone. Here’s my Vine, which I shot last week from the island of Ischia in Italy where I woke up to one of the most incredible sunrises of all time at 5:30am. Unfortunately, you won’t be waking up to my video since it didn’t get accepted by Rise & Smile because the audio quality wasn’t up to snuff (I thought it would be nice to wake up to the soft sounds of the birds chirping but they weren’t loud enough.)

But I don’t mind—that’s also part of the good news: Dignity Health approves all videos to make sure they are of good audio and video quality and to ensure that the videos are appropriate. So if you’re feeling creative, you can create your own Rise&Smile video and submit it.

I really think Dignity Health might be on to something when they posed this question in their advertisement: “If everyone woke-up with the sound of a human’s voice, would the world be a kinder place?”

For more videos, check out HelloHumanKindness.org.

Good to Know: The Dalai Lama and President Obama have supported this ad campaign so you can’t get any more impressive than that, can you?

FULL DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by Dignity Health but even if it wasn’t, I still would have made this my “Travel App of the Week” since I love the concept and all travelers sure can use a smile to wake up to.


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