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My dad's tip for anyone carrying cash

These days I rarely carry cash on me because I almost always pay with a credit card or Apple Pay. However, I know a lot of people still use cash, and sometimes when you travel it makes sense to have the local currency on you, so I thought I’d share a tip my dad taught me years ago: When you’re carrying U.S. dollars, always put the smaller bills on the outside and the big notes on the inside (especially if you use a money clip). This way, it looks like you don’t have a lot of money on you.



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7 Comments On "My Dad's Tip for Anyone Carrying Cash"
  1. Ray|

    Your father is a wise man and this makes a lot of sense for US dollars. Unfortunately most currencies have values in different sizes and colors making it more complicated to disguise the larger bills. Just look at Euros or Reminbi/Yuan. In any case I will definitely apply it to dollars when I travel abroad. Many countries accept US dollars.

  2. Paul|

    An extra related tip: (for US) make two groups in your pocket: 20’s close to your leg, smaller on the outside so you only take out the smaller bills or pull out one or two $20’s.

    Use the same principle for foreign currency. Larger bills stay in your pocket until you need to take them out.

    1. Hundredbacklinks

      Great tip! Thank you

  3. Mark|

    My dads advice… spread out your money on your body! Socks, shirt pocket, underwear!

    1. Hundredbacklinks

      I like it

  4. Terri Morrison|

    Hi Johnny,
    I love that you listen to your Father’s advice! A security officer advised me to do the opposite though. He suggested that if you are being robbed, let the attacker see a wad of bills with a $50 on top for a second – and then throw it as far as you can. The robber’s instinct is to turn towards the money, while you run the other way. Hopefully, none of us ever encounter this situation.
    Safe & Happy Travels to you and your lovely family!

    1. Hundredbacklinks

      Great tip! We can run that as a reader tip soon! thank you!

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