How to Take a Perfect Passport Photo

Passports-610x457Did you know that September is Passport Awareness Month and the US Department of State wants you to have a picture-perfect passport? Taking a passport photo isn’t that easy—especially if you have it done by a rookie or try doing it yourself.

In 2015 alone, the US Department of State received more than 200,000 unacceptable passport photos! “submitting a passport application with a bad photo will delay processing your application and could interfere with planned travel.” So how do you take a perfect passport photo? Follow . One of their tips is to make sure there is no glare on your glasses and they warn that starting soon, glasses won’t be allowed anymore in passport photos.

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9 Comments on "How to Take a Perfect Passport Photo"

  1. In my passport photo I am shown wearing eyeglasses. Since then I had cataract surgery and no longer wear glasses. Will this be an issue? I sure hope it doesn’t mean I have to get a new passport; the one I have is about four years old.

  2. I was also advised that it is not acceptable for reasons of the traveler’s safety for the photograph to include any sort of religious symbol, such as jewelry displaying a Christian cross, Jewish Star of David, Islamic calligraphy, etc. Since we had to retake my daughter’s photograph for this reason, I was at first was annoyed. But then I was thankful the agent was particular, as I realized this rule is a good one. Otherwise, in the event of a dangerous situation, the traveler might be further targeted.

  3. Another tip when taking a passport photo: Don’t wear an all white shirt for the photo. With a white shirt and a white background, you’ll end up looking like a floating head for your photo. While floating heads are allowed to travel, it certainly makes for a goofy looking picture. -Cheers! Doug Ricketts

  4. We are traveling overseas and I downloaded the IOS passport both for excellent photos. Just need to line it up with the subject and white background. Good to go

  5. I have heard that they are filtering the candidates for green card by the picture and that is why they have so much specifications. They are looking for blond, blue eyed people. Anything true here? :)

  6. Absolutely right, many passport photos are rejected for wrong caption. From this blog, I think people will surely learn how to take a perfect passport photo.

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