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Suggestion from an airline ramp workerEach Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Heidi, who says:

“I was told by a ramp worker at Delta that ties/strings/bows/yarn and hanging items to mark your luggage is a BAD idea as sometimes it gets caught in the ramp and the process has to stop moving to untangle the luggage. He said to just mark your initials in magic marker on your baggage piece itself. Decorate with paint or something. Just don’t hang things from the straps.”

I know that old ties have helped my sister identify baggage before. I can’t say for sure that all ramp workers feel this way, but I think this is worth sharing. Thanks, Heidi!



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5 Comments On "A Suggestion From an Airline Ramp Worker"
  1. Bettina|

    Why not just wrap your identifying cloth, whatever it is, around a handle, knot it off and clip any hanging ends? Should work just fine!

  2. Jim Suss|

    I have stickers from various organizations emblazoned on my luggage, such as Heil Sound, OtterBox, ACLU, The Georgia Ultrarunning and Trailrunning Society (GUTS). When my bag hits the belt, it is easily recognizable, as it’s the only huge black bag with stickers all over it. Works for me!

  3. Brian Dickson|

    We use the brightly Coloured “Zip ties” (The type used by electricians) to identify our suitcases. We picked up multi colour pack at the Dollar Store.Other side of this we travel mostly with carry on size Backpacks and buy a few clothes when we get to our destination. Thanks for you tips and time on Leos “Tech Guy” Show.

  4. R W Post|

    Great Tip, having anything the handlers or belt might catch on could prove harmful to your bag and or vacation. I use to have a hard sided Delsey that went around the globe about 3 or 4 times and the best ID method was stickers from all places and stops along the way. The idea came from the old Harlem Globetrotter traveling man logo. Worked, Hated to give up the cases when there time was up with all the memories of stops along the way.

    Read more at: http://hundredbacklinks.info/suggestion-airline-ramp-worker-luggage/#comment-602785

  5. Rachelle Polgar|

    My husband wrapped the handles on our black suitcases in a candy cane pattern with neon tape, all 4 pieces match and we’ve never grabbed someone else’s by mistake and they are very easy to spot!