Reader Travel Tip of the Day: Bring Ziploc Bags

reader-travel-tip2Bring Ziploc Bags
Each Friday, we’re featuring a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip was left by A. R. Kennedy of Long Beach, NY, who says:

“Take quart-size Ziplocs. Of course you’re supposed to bring one in your carry-on to put your liquids in while going through security, but I bring a couple extra.  I use them to hold wet bathing suits (when you just have to swim the morning you leave!), to keep dirty socks and undergarments and just to keep items easily accessible and organized.

I also bring a sandwich-sized Ziploc to keep foreign currency coins in. There’s just so much of it at times, and in a Ziploc, you can easily see the denominations.”

A good tip, and an easy one to follow. Thanks, A. R.!



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8 Comments on "Reader Travel Tip of the Day: Bring Ziploc Bags"

  1. If you are traveling to Latin America and plan to do some laundry in the sink, you will find that none of them have stoppers. I take a 3-gallon Ziploc and some Camp Suds and can do all my laundry in the bag.

  2. Ziplock baggies are great — especially when you are cruising. I always tell my clients to bring baggies. Order off of room service menu food to take off of the ship with you — to save money only having to purchase drinks while off of the ship ! They all love this idea.

  3. I always pack my shoes in Ziploc bags. … keeps the soles off of my clothing..

  4. Probably one of the handiest things you can possibly carry with you when traveling. I can’t count the amount of times we have used them for various things on our travels, especially protecting things from leaking onto your clothes in your luggage. Great tip!

  5. Ziplocs are first things I start with when packing. I use it for all sorts of things, easy to see. I thought I was thrifty but I’ve never taken food off the ship, not sure you’re supposed to.

  6. Yes! This is such a good tip, and one thankfully thought of before I set off for the USA from Australia for 3 months. Where I’ve been staying in California it is impossible to find plastic bags (which is a great thing for environment of course), so my ziplocks have come in very handy. Great for storing shoes (hotel shower caps are good for that, too). I’m travelling with kids also, and we tend to accumulate all kinds of little bits and pieces that need to be kept together, so again the ziplocks have come to the rescue!

  7. Great tip! I also bring gallon sized bags to bring back certain food that I can’t get at home (or at least as good) – cookies, pastries, spices, etc. Sometime you need to ease yourself back into reality. :)

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