Mike Tyson’s Image on LOT Polish Airlines Tail

Mike Tyson's Image on a Polish Airline Plane

Mike Tyson’s Image on a Polish Airline Plane

When I landed at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport I thought I was hallucinating when I spotted a LOT Polish Airlines E-175 plane with Mike Tyson’s face painted on the tail. Turns out, I wasn’t! In fact, there’s a “” plane and Big Mike’s the poster boy. Do you find this as bizarre as I do?


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30 Comments on "Mike Tyson’s Image on LOT Polish Airlines Tail"

  1. An ad on the tail of a flag carrier? That’s something new :/

  2. It will not be my goal in life to fly on that plane!

  3. I find that offensive. He was in prison and certainly NOT A HERO.

  4. I am curious as to WHY he is pictured…??? Did he pay money for this. No one in their
    right mind would do this unless he paid them big time!!!!!

  5. what does taht supposed to mean>?

  6. He’s promoting a new energy drink that’s being sold in Poland.

  7. it is a paid ad for Mike’s energy drink, Black Energy

  8. Marios Maskedproducer | December 18, 2013 at 4:03 pm | Reply

    tyson is a fucking hero in boxing world!!!

  9. Why don’t people just give him a break and stop bringing up his past, you act like you are all perfect. He could have been released from prison early if he admitted he had actually raped that girl, a claim that he denies. The law doesn’t always get it right. He has done some stupid things in his life and he will be the first to admit that but you try and walk a mile in his shoes and see how you handle it. People like to look down there nose at other as it makes them feel good about themselves, an ugly trait to have. There is a lot to admire about Mike Tyson but you are blinded by your prejudice to see it.

  10. fly high iron mike !!

  11. tyson and Polish boxer tiger michalczewski got new energy drink out. it used to be ”Tiger” now it’s ”Black” so they promoting it in Poland. and LOT its just going down airlines which government pumping loads of money in to. so someone is gona make big money.

  12. If you don’t consider him a hero, you obviously don’t know anything about him, lol. #ironmikeismyhero

  13. Mike, you have been to the bottom an rose up.. You are a American hero, as well as a American legend..

  14. Tyson is a legend. And yes, he has done some bad stuff in his life…but I never really believed the rape thing…it was very strange and also the girl made a lot of money from it…not something any normal girl who was terrorised would be looking for. Honey Trap for cash was always my feelings…..like his first wife (and Mother in Law)…they took Mike to the cleaners financially…..give him a break I say.

  15. U got it my boxing n street Hero mike tyson.. U did big before, now and expecting more from u buddy.. Big up.

  16. All you shit talkers need to stfu. It is good he is on there. Most of you are just hating. Mike was at the bottom worked his way to the top. There was a time when noone could beat that man. He is a human being that worked his ass off getting to sere he was so when he makes a mistake let him make it . Just because he could kuck everyones ass in the world at one time foesnt mesn he is perfect. We all make mistake. Go Mike! I”ll take that flight. You know they wont be hijackin that one

  17. Very cool and anyone who has anything negative to say about LOT Polish Airlines E-175 plane, with Mike Tyson’s face painted on the tail, ya need to take some Tylenol for your hating pain’s then go to church !!!!

  18. Mike Tyson did go to jail and paid his debt to society and how do we even know he was guilty? I talked to a lot of people that knew Tyson back then and they believed Tyson wasn’t guilty. call me what you wish but I know Mike Tyson, and I like Mike Tyson. As a writer and Photographer in boxing I wrote many articles on Mike and gave him the credit he deserved. Live your life in peace and let Mike do the same.

  19. Fortunately I can say I know mike personally. I know factually that he is a very humble man and has suffered more internally than the world could imagine . (think about it ? We all are our own worst enemy @ times in life , and only You can decide your fate and deal with ur demons)as we all have . We were not made perfect . This man has paid his debt to the sensationalized society as well to the alleged victim . If you really knew him . You’d know & see that his family means the world to him . Far more than any money hes EVER made. So for all you neh Sayers . Let him continue now to recieve the blessings that Allah(god or yourpower of choice) has bestowed upon the Tysons families life !

  20. Why people gotta bring religion and sh** into all this? Mike Tyson was and is one of the greatest Boxers in history. Why can’t some people just see his good. It’s all I see. A good man. Trying to do his thing. F**k all you haters! And Undisputed made me cry. Strong s**t. I wonder if Mike reads this stuff?

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