Another Way to Do Laundry on the Road

Another way to do laundry on the roadEach Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Mary G., who builds on last Friday’s reader laundry tip:

“I know a travel writer that showers in her clothes—soaping up then rinses. Removes to hang up. I’m assuming she then re-rinses herself.

My trick is to pack one of those extra large space bags that you seal shut (not with a vacuum cleaner). Carry some Tide or other laundry pods. Fill the bag with warm water in sink or tub add pod swish around to dissolve and add clothes, swish, then dispose of soapy water and refill with clean to rinse several times. Dry bag and use it for dirty laundry until the next time.

If you carry the laundry soap pods and still use a pay laundromat it will save you some money and it’s better quality soap.”

That’s one way to do it. Better yet is the Scrubba bag, the latest version of which I featured last week. It’s like a cheap, portable washing machine. Thanks, Mary!




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Another Way to Do Laundry on the Road
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5 Comments on "Another Way to Do Laundry on the Road"

  1. Traveling the west coast recently, I was surprised that every laundromat we used either prohibited or strongly recommended against using laundry pods. In one instance, they could only be used in a few machines, which made for a long laundry session.

  2. James Mesthene | June 15, 2018 at 10:29 am | Reply

    Just google the local laundromat (coin-op, laverie). It’s fast, cheap, all your stuff gets done at once, and you meet the local people.

  3. I packed my laundry pods in a traveling soap dish. The plastic soap dish held four pods and I had no worries about powder or liquid spilling out in my suitcase.

    Used this on our recent six weeks trip to Europe. Fantastic for bigger items like trousers. Much better than a sealable plastic bag which I think would break pretty quickly.

  5. Another option is to book a few nights in an AirBnB rental with laundry facilities. Sure beats showering in your clothes!

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