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When I travel, I’m sometimes forced to take United Airlines because they happen to have more flights going to particular destinations from SFO.

In my experience, customer service on United isn’t as friendly as Jetblue or Alaska. Let’s not forget their string of , namely, the passenger who was dragged off the jet. Their latest involved a dog that died in the overhead bin — yikes. They’re definitely not winning any travel brownie points with me.

So, I’m even less inclined to fly with them after I experienced their new and totally uncool no carry-on policy for Basic Economy.

Paying a fee for something that was once free

There’s something to be said about paying for something that used to cost nothing. Mentally, it just doesn’t sit well with me.

Recently, I flew to Orlando and discovered I had to pay $25 each way for my tiny carry-on bag. I not only paid a total of $50 for my bag, but I also had to . This no carry-on policy went into effect in July, which means you can only bring a small personal item on the plane.

The ticket for the flight was cheaper than the other flights that came up in my initial search. However, with the added $50 it came out to be about the same cost as the other flights.

This new fee reminds me of low budget airlines and their nickel and diming tactics. They lure you in with a super cheap fare, but the added fees for bags and seats makes it the same price as the other flights. Spirit Airlines does this with their Bare Fare ticket, which charges you a fee for bringing on a personal item and carry-on.

Can you claim you have no carry-on bag when checking in online?

Nope. I wondered the same thing and tried this on my return flight from Orlando when I checked in online. During my check-in, I clicked that I had zero carry-on bags.

I got a message that told me I had to verify that I had no bags (except for a personal item) to the agent at the ticket counter. The message basically told me I couldn’t finish checking in until I saw the agent at the ticket counter. Plus, my ticket had a big “BE – NO CARRY ON” (Basic Economy) marked clearly at the top.

There was definitely no way I could be slick and walk through the gate with my carry-on bag.

How to bypass this no carry-on policy

If you fly United a lot and want to book Basic Fare tickets and avoid the carry-on fee, your only option is to sign up for an airline credit card, specifically, their Explorer (currently has a 65k bonus) or MileagePlus Club Card. This makes me wonder if United took away the right to bring on a carry-on just so they can leverage it as a credit cardholder benefit.

If you already have Premier status, you can also avoid the fee.

You should also note that if you’re traveling with friends or family, they won’t be able to carry on their bags. Only the primary cardholder will be able to bring on the carry-on to the plane.

Other members in your party will need to pay the applicable bag fee, a $25 gate handling fee.

Summary: United’s new carry-on policy is a real bummer

Because I primarily use Chase Sapphire Reserve as my go-to credit card for travel, I probably won’t sign up for the United MileagePlus Club credit card. The main reason being: the $450 annual fee, which is the same as the Chase Sapphire Reserve. This move to charge travelers to pay a fee for their carry-on and check it in makes United less appealing for budget travelers like me, who only fly with a carry-on bag.

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Do You Fly With a Carry-On? You’ll Want to Know United’s No Carry-On Policy
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159 Comments On "Do You Fly With a Carry-On? You’ll Want to Know United’s No Carry-On Policy"
  1. JohnC|

    I am sorry, but you are experience traveler who only goes by the cheapest price? I think you are whining about nothing. You should have know better. I cannot believe your work has appeared on Fox, Bloomberg and Forbes with so little knowledge about fares.

  2. Gail Elaine McDermott|

    You have printed misleading information. EVERY passenger who purchases a STANDARD coach fare is entitled to a personal item and a carryon bag. You purchased BASIC ECONOMY which was created for those with no carryonuggage to save on cost of ticket, but not luggage.United offers this because other airlines are doing the sane, such as American Airlines.BASIC ECONOMY is not suitable for everyone, and at point of purchase the rules of this ticket are explained. It appears you didn’t read the details.This is like buying something without reading the ingredients.Please do mot misinform people who may read your article and think you have presented a well researched fact. That would be like buying trail mix and filing a complaint there were peanuts when you have peanut allergies!

  3. Teri Barnett|

    I appreciate this useful information.

  4. Rose cranston|

    United carry on fee sucks .i if i have a choice will and do not fly United there customer service is horrible.

  5. Efith5 Hell|


  6. Anonymous|

    Claire, United’s new pricing was publicized months ago. Pay attention and you won’t be surprised.

  7. Christopher Richmond|

    The only positive in this new policy is that it forces one to not overpack. Honestly, I often use less than half the stuff I pack. If you simply wear the clothes you will use during the trip and pack only stuff like a toothbrush, hairbrush, razor, underwear, and socks, you can likely get away with a small satchel; or even stuff those items in pockets and carry nothing at all!

    Quite liberating.

  8. T. Chu|

    That’s why I avoid flying United, domestically & internationally, in the last twenty years: the incredibly poor services and attitude. The day of charging passengers for using the restroom will be coming.

  9. Kim Pointer|

    They’re making it hard to fly anywhere!might as well buy your clothes at the thrift shop once you get where you’re going!

  10. erwin|

    I am getting tired of all thees complainers….you like to fly for nothing…cheep…go by train…i am sick..pay the regular price ..it serves all your .problems.

    1. Snoozy|

      Going by train is more costly than flying, and travel time is was waaaay longer!

  11. Connie Gehring|

    I like the no carry on policy! Why can’t you check your bags? It is such a hassle when you are trying to deplane and you are waiting for everyone to get their carry on bags out of the storage above the seats! I know this sounds trivial but it is not to me!

    1. Snoozy|

      I take a carry-on for medical reasons and also to avoid to cost of a 2nd check-in.

  12. Anonymous|

    United does allow a carryons for free I just came back on UA. The passengers were jamming the suitcases . Their annual fee is $95.00 not $450!!!if you are UA club members you will receive 2 passes for free meals. In Japan even serves sushi and drinks for free

  13. Anonymous|

    I bet they now board at least 50% faster

  14. Iman f|

    United has had a no carry-on policy since they introduced Basic Economy fares, before the July date you mentioned. And it’s very clearly stated when you’re booking your ticket.

  15. Tony|

    FYI The United MileagePlus Explorer card with $95 annual fee also gives you free one carryon per flight. No need to get the $450 Club card.

  16. Susan|

    They do this to compete with low cost airlines for consumers who buy by price alone. This is not a new rule. I am very glad they make people sit that they have no carry on. Remember… You get what to pay for.

  17. Joseph M Schachner|

    $450 annual fee? I have a United Milage Plus Explorer card. I don’t think the annual fee is anything like that high.

  18. Wayman Wong|

    Friendly Skies??
    Nickle and dime you.
    Next they will charge for use of toilet.
    This is arm twisting to FORCE a luggage charge!

  19. Brent Barron|

    Sorry, but this was a well publicized ticket option that bot United and American Airlines adopted for basic economy fare. No carry ins except for an item you place in the seat bottom of seat directly in front of you. You want a cheap fare, this is your option. Bring a roller bag, expect to pay to check it, because you are not bringing it on the plane.

    In fact, I wish all airlines made people check their roller bags. It would speed up loading and unloading flights. Passengers bring way too big of carry ons on board. They need to enforce the bag size limit better.

  20. UA Traveler|

    This is stated very obviously when you book a basic economy ticket on United. If you need to bring a carryon, you shouldn’t be booking a BE ticket…

  21. Robert|

    Yes I always travel with a carry on bag, my photobag. I’m not letting it thrown in with other bags. It contains upward of $10,000 worth of the latest photographic equipment. It stays with me, it’s my livelihood. No carry on not a flight for me..

  22. Anonymous|

    Will drive before I use united

  23. Fred|

    Why would ANYONE pay for accredit card? There baby out there with no annual fee and 2% cash back. AMEX has several, try looking at Fidelity Investments (FIA).

  24. Michele Berkowitz|

    Haha. You have to book your seat in advance and pay xtra to pick your choice seat. Otherwise than that first come first serve for your seat. Which will probably be by the bathroom. Ripp-offs!!

  25. Ben|

    Thank you. Good to know before I shop for tickets next time. Usually pick regular economy so we can select seats together, but still good to know a priori.

  26. Rob|

    Your option to buy BE or regular ticket.

  27. Lem|

    My understanding is if fits under the seat it not a carry on

  28. Bob|

    Stop complaining and buy economy seat then it won’t be an issue. There are people that just want to travel from point a to b with just a persona bag that fits under the seat.

  29. Philip Banogon|

    I think we have the right to inform Congress about what’s happening in the airline industry specially this extra charges after charges after charges which is very very hard for an ordinary citizen who earned less because of too much deduction.

  30. Ramona Gebert|

    If only they would guarantee their airline would not lose my luggage as that is the primary reason I take a carry on bag.

  31. David|

    United has a credit card that doesn’t cost $450. Also, this is ‘anger,’ is kind of misplaced. You bought a ticket that said no bags, and you knew it up front. If that doesn’t work for you, don’t buy the darn thing. You don’t buy a base level car, add options, and get mad because it costs as much as the mid-level model, do you?

  32. David|

    United has a credit card that doesn’t cost $450. Also, this ‘anger,’ is kind of misplaced. You bought a ticket that said no bags, and you knew it up front. If that doesn’t work for you, don’t buy the darn thing. You don’t buy a base level car, add options, and get mad because it costs as much as the mid-level model, do you?

  33. Bob Gene|

    Don’t book basic economy if you don’t want basic economy.

  34. warren trout|

    Can you give up on the dragging incident! It’s getting a little old. Must not have too much to complain about if you’re still dragging that up.

  35. Frank Williams|

    I agree; another good reason to avoid being nickel and dimed and fly Southwest instead.

  36. Alice|

    And that is why we fly JetBlue – I have the mileage card which is 95. A year however only one person (being Me) can have a carry on not my husband so they can KMA

  37. Kikipani|

    People who travel on planes are cheap……entitlement babies, non black welfare queens who don’t want to pay. Travel is billion dollar industry that has to show a profit….. but the way airlines points is NOT CASH. . you have to pay taxes when you get your Destination.

  38. Rin Owers|


  39. Celia|

    United Mileage Chase Credit card charged me an annual fee of $95 and it is free the first year. I love that I do not have to pay one check in baggage for domestic travel and two free bags for intl travel.

  40. Donna Pendergast|

    I no longer fly United. This entity is bogus and kills animals and treats it’s PAYING customers like cattle.

  41. Ghislaine Yomede Eyer|

    I recently bought 2 tickets on UA at the lowest price. Only a small carry on. I could not get checked at the airport for the 2 legs.
    Here is the return nightmare: I had to check with the ticket counter in CHS that I only had a small carry on (here tote bag). No We could not get our boarding passes for the next flight (??!). We had a change of flight and equipment in IAD to continue to TPA. From Terminal 3 where we landed we dashed to Terminal 1 to catch our continuing flight. The Service Center sent us directly to our gate to get a seat assignment. We ran. At the gate the agent already had assigned the seats to stand-by employees. We had NO SEATs. She made some changes and upgraded us to Economy Plus seats that she took away from stand-bys.
    All of this was totally unnecessary. We were in transit in Dulles. Where are we now going to get more bags? This is assenine.

  42. pam biswas|

    I would rather see an increase in ticket price than the addition of fee for each breath we take

  43. Alba|

    It’s not $450 for credit card fee, it’s only $95 annually. They have several cards, if your goal is to enjoy free United Club also, then card cost is $450, which is still
    very cheap

  44. Anonymous|

    It’s called a basic economy fare, which is the cheapest available fare. It clearly states the policy when you purchase the ticket, you must only have a carry on at the gate. So that apparently means you have to check your carry on luggage. The entire article was unnecessary.

  45. Shail|

    Why not just book a ticket with the regular economy fare? You know what you get with Basic Economy just like you know what you get with Spirit. You decide to buy it any way. Not sure I understand the meaning of this article.

  46. Akshay|

    I understand and empathize that you had to pay $50 for your bag but United makes it pretty clear when you book a basic economy fare that you can’t bring a carry-on bag. It doesn’t seem fair to call this a new policy or frame it as a thing United did to nickel and dime you. You had the option of booking a regular economy ticket with carry-ons included. You specifically chose basic economy and agreed to the restrictions.

  47. Robert Passarello|

    If you had bothered to read the terms associated with the ticket you would have saved the few people who read this article the whining because of being self centered. Do your homework next time.

  48. Bud Garvey|

    I have flown United in the past but this is just another way to nickel and dime you on top of all the other fees. I will be looking at other airlines

  49. Jhi|

    This is not really a new policy. Been this way for a while now.

  50. Ruth Chang|

    totally agree with you.

  51. Liz B|

    Thanks for the warning! I’m scheduled to fly next week and I KNOW that when I booked the flight this was not the case. I’m scurrying around trying to make sure I don’t have to pay the extra fee.

  52. TJF|

    It clearly states from basic economy no carry on, you can check an option not to show BE fairs in the app. Read the details on your fair &this would not have been a surprise

  53. Bill|

    Please review all the policies before you make claims about that policy. What about those passengers who chose not to have a carry on? Why should they pay the same as those that do. Have you thought about that? Please think about all options before you let your OPINION be heard as fact.

  54. Adam|

    Or you can fly regular economy and take a carry on bag with you. Only the basic economy restricts this and it clearly states this when you book. Regular economy is usually about $30 more round trip.

  55. Vinny|

    Buy a regular fare.

  56. Anonymous|

    United has the basic economy fare to compete expressly with the no frills carriers you named. We have spoken with our wallets on what the most important thing is to us. Regardless of whether you approve of “unbundling”, if you know you get a cheaper fare by not carrying on, don’t complain about not being able to without a fee.

  57. Christine Ray|

    When do we start marching ok n Washington regarding the airline’s they are getting out of control they have left the cus in customer service and left out the service part

  58. Rosrmary|

    I have united explorer card
    Fee is $95 per year

  59. Alyssa|

    Perhaps you need to check with the policies of American and Delta. They too have Basic Economy fares with same baggage fee/carry on rules. Chase credit card is also used by AA, with again, precisely the same baggage rules. Perhaps checking out the rules of all carriers’ rules would make for correct postings.

    Read more at: http://hundredbacklinks.info/fly-carry-on-policy-united/#respond

  60. Michael Gaiman|

    You have it wrong … this policy has been in effect on all major carriers for several years .. moreover, it is an essential calculus to the success of budget airlines such as EasyJet, Ryan Air & in severe weight restricted variations on Turkish, Aer Lingus & KLM … but back to United. ‘Basic Economy’ is the class you are complaining about & it’s a terrific CHEAP option for many, especially commuting between SFO-LA or equivalent for day meetings. Similarly, a bump or status gets you Economy Plus. Each class accompanies privileges of loyalty.

    Alaska & Jet Blue are great carriers, but the former has no international routes to speak of & Jet Blue has a hard time recruiting artohbf weather or equipment caused delays/ cancellations, so they are not practical for everyone. I’m a United elite customer & like their effort overall … but airlines are like sushi chefs >>> you get treated better when they know you.

  61. Jon Sharkey|

    I hope they will go out of business. I HATE UNITED they are crooks and they have crappy service. I would rather walk they ever fly with them or American.

  62. Kevin Fisher|

    Dont get a basic economy ticket and carry on will be free of charge.

  63. Ph|

    I hated United to begin with. Now they gave me more reason to hate them. Great way to lure passengers.

  64. Travis Gehrig|

    Have you been living under a rock? None of this is new.

  65. Cark kern|

    That really sucks. The one question is can you bring ur carry on if you upgrade to one if the other coach class Y fares. And what about first class?

    1. Robert Passarello|

      Have you never flown before? Any other class other than BE allows you to bring a carry on.

  66. Mar|

    So much misinformation in this article it’s not even funny. What happned to the days where journalists got their facts straight and were actually honest about what they wrote?

  67. Anonymous|

    Why I try to only fly Southwest.And I fly alot.

  68. Debbie Troutwine|

    I fly United a lot and say to you, you get what you pay for. United is very up front with the fees for BE. When you click on that fare for booking it comes with a warning that you can’t bring a carry on or choose a seat. If you want those benefits, then choose the proper fare, which by the way is not
    as expensive than checking bags both ways.
    People like yourself who try to scam the system and sneak your carry-ons on board are very inconsiderate of those of us who pay for the benefits. If you had a tiny bag as you claim, then it would have fit under the seat and not been an issue!
    I too miss the days of free benefits, but they’re long gone.

  69. David McCutcheon|

    Book Basic Economy and never read the restictions,then get mad at the airline. The restrictions have been published and discussed online since Basic Economy started. If you want the real culprit, go look in the mirror.

  70. Bryan|

    Everyone boycott United for 30 days watch how fast they get rid of their new scam. They should just take their greed and merge with Spirit Airlines and become Spirit. I will gladly pay more to Jetblue or anyone else before I ever fly with United this incompetent company.

  71. Carlos|

    This’s just too much, I traveled recently from Chicago to New York City and paid $30.00 Dollars each way, total of $60.00 Dollars, they’ve got me once. Not anymore! Enough is enough!

  72. Jack Johnson|

    Bad air 2 flights only offered water. Full plane everyone same. Stay away from United. Liars/Excuses

  73. Steve Freeman|

    United Airlines treats its passengers like cattle (I can’t say like dogs since to my knowledge they have not yet intentionally killed a passenger as they did that dog). They are viciously greedy. Unfortunately boycotting them isn’t always an option, but all aggrieved passengers should complain loud and publicly.

  74. Elizabeth Sanmiguel|

    Agree. This is a bad policy by United.

  75. Anonymous|

    It’s written in the agreement when you purchase the basic economy ticket… Click bait “article”

  76. Jason|

    Mike card is not $450. It’s free the first year and 95 after that.

  77. Dave Reid|

    A whole back, I was given a voucher for a FREE ticket on United Airlines. I put it in the trash, where that entire company belongs.

  78. Santosh Krishnan|

    This article has some issues.

    1. As a customer, you can always buy an economy class ticket and not have the issue discussed
    2. The basic economy works great in many cases so long as all you want to do is get on and get off the plane. If you want to fly coach at basic economy prices, we’ll you can expect to pay for everything

    In summary, this article suggests there’s something wrong. In fact the basic economy fares give an option that’s really valuable to customers

  79. Anonymous|

    All these regulations have become to be a total pain in the ass. I fly only to get to my destination quicker. I would be happy to see the airlines come crashing down. In great need for the general public.

  80. Doris|

    All these regulations have become to be a total pain in the ass. I fly only to get to my destination quicker. I would be happy to see the airlines come crashing down. In great need for the general public.

  81. James|

    Did you not read anything when you booked the ticket? They warn you multiple times about this and offer a standard economy fare. Sites like kayak even warn you about this for both Delta and United.

    I understand your frustration, but you wrote a whole article about paying a fee that you were warned you’d have to pay at that fare class.

  82. Barry Collins|

    Total rip off you have gone to far and you are too greedy of a company and I can only hope that it bites you
    In the ass

  83. Marguerite Judge|

    Fly the unfriendly skies of United? Not if I can avoid it.

  84. Chris|

    Why book basic economy then? You knew in advance that you couldn’t have a carry on.

  85. Anonymous|

    You forgot to mention that if you have status with United, your friends / family will not be paying any additional fees. So, essentially if you

  86. United FF|

    You forgot to mention that any friends / family traveling with you will not be paying this fee if you have status with United. Essentially, if you have status and traveling as a family of 5 and each have a carry on, you will pay $0 additional fees.

  87. D w fowler|

    I would fly United, only when he’ll freezes over

  88. Elliott|

    You chose a fair that’s the cheapest offered. Few are available. You’ll notice this when the “group 5” passengers board. The mileage club card is the one with the 450 dollar fee. That’s for club access for the year unlimited. Hate on United all you want. Your points in this article make you sound uninformed and ignorant to air travel. Choose another subject to review or stick to your day job.

  89. Gary Roberts|

    It’s your own fault, not United’s. You search for the absolutely lowest fare and book those tickets. United wants the business and so arranged through some fancy pricing stratagem for their tickets to get to the top of the list as that lowest possible fare. People talk about frequenting those vendors with superior service, but far too often simply shop for the absolute lowest price, as you did. Caveat Emptor

  90. Liam|

    I’ll never fly with them again anyway after they left me (in my wheelchair) and my 6 year old daughter at the wrong gate for 6 hours, took our bags from us to wheel the chair to the correct gate and lost one on the way somehow, then refused both statutory compensations for delaying the flight for 6 hours, and losing our bag (saying it wasn’t ‘checked’ and thus the agent who took it from me to wheel us to the plane after they forgot us, “is not responsible for it”.
    8 months later, I finally got this all taken care of and compensation sent.
    But they did their level best to not give it.

  91. Harris|

    The airlines are going for “max” profit, even though oil prices are down. Greed factor!!

  92. Barry Collins|

    Since you offer nothing but a seat you now need to adjust your price price quotes showing cost of the no policy of carry on
    Bags not in fine print in large print with the quotes let’s see dragging people off airlines cutting employees offering nothing on
    Flights and littery no help when we we have a problem but I’m sure you’re aware of all that money money money and
    Nothing else well we have a choice mr ceo and we know what you are all about

  93. John Callan|

    Why are you people messing with these mickey mouse airlines?
    Just use Southwest Airline and all these problems will disappear.

  94. Chris|

    Carry on luggage, seat selection, etc. used to be free in the standard economy class and it still is. Basic economy is a relatively new class of service that comes with lower prices and some corresponding restrictions. It’s misleading to claim that they’re charging for something that used to be free.

  95. Jacqueline LaChapelle|

    I think the policy stinks, and I will search to find other airlines that fly to my destination.

  96. Nirav|

    I’m confused. You bought a ticket knowing it was basic economy. Were you unaware of the carry on policy? Why did you buy that level ticket if you knew the policy and wanted to bring a carry on? American had a similar policy recently but changed it to allow the carry on again. I buy my place tickets for the services i want or need. Is it buyers remorse you’re having? I have when i get that too.

  97. Juawayne Kettler|

    What’s wrong with you United? I don’t understand how you are still in business. I will not not not fly with your company. I would rather walk!

  98. Bubba|

    Why don’t you just buy a regular economy ticket instead of a basic economy ticket?

  99. Anonymous|

    Just don’t buy basic economy fare. Regular economy allows you to carry on without a fee

  100. CA3|

    United Airlines offers at least a dozen different fares in every market it serves. When choosing the very lowest fare, Basic Economy, there are at least a dozen warnings about its “no carry on” policy. Nevertheless, you purchased it. Would you complain about GM because your new Chevy doesn’t offer the same amenities as a Cadillac?

  101. Barry P|

    If you pay a fee that’s about $50 lower for BE then have to give them $50 to check your bag then the only time you should buy a BE ticket is when you’re checking your bag anyway.

  102. Betsy|

    Just fly Southwest….forget American as they seem to forget their own Passengers and loyalty. Forget United as they are just followers of American with their rip off carry on rules.. Go go Southwest….. you’re the best. . Delta no better …followers in the worse case scenario … Whatever American or United do, Delta just follow…go go Southwest. ..you got it all and loyalty .

  103. Sandy|

    We just flew United RT from Arkansas to Vancouver BC. We both had very large carry-on bags and large personal items. No charge and no problem at all. This just was in Sept and Nov of 2018. Maybe because it was international?

  104. Kay, C|

    This airline kids so mean…try other or take a train.

  105. Georgianna Tutler|

    You are driving PEOPLE away from you

  106. Rock wester|

    Won’t fly United

  107. Kevin|

    Their no carry on policy only applies to booking the basic economy tickets, not standard economy tickets. I see it less as making you pay for something that was free before and more giving you an option to save money to those who did not have a carry on.

  108. John|

    Just do t fly United, problem solved, that what I do.

  109. Anonymous|

    But a best worth big pockets and stuff your bag and items in the pockets and then after take off, put your stuff in the bag and then put it in the overhead bin.

  110. Karen|

    I think it’s time for consumers to fight back. Boycott the airlines who do this. I had my own nightmare experience on my first and LAST United flight!

  111. Bert|

    Is this really new? Basic economy never let you bring on a carry on.

  112. David|

    It wasn’t United who dragged the passenger off the plane that was the police and BTW it wasn’t even a United plane it was a regional airline’s plane. As for the Dog dying why did the owner put it in the bin in the first place. Quit blaming United for these issues. As for charging for a carry on. How else do you expect them to make money? A new jet costs the airline over $100,000,000 and they profit about $3-$6 off a ticket fare. Im no fan of United but let’s be fair flying isn’t your right for profit industry.

  113. Dennis Swain|

    Leave United, American and all the other money grabbers alone if you can. My wife.and I always fly Delta. While not
    Perfect they have the fewest problems.
    We will.always fly Delta even if it requires
    Many connections to get on the on their
    Flights. You will find it very worth while
    GO DELTA. You’re the best

  114. Angie|

    If this is in fact true- I will have no choice than to fly an alternative “when possible” they truly SUCK big balls! If we cant get around this issue- we may need address it on their site somehow. What a disappointment

  115. Anonymous|

    So you bought a basic economy fare and clicked ok thru all the fare rules?

  116. Pam|

    I don’t agree with your assessment that this is nickel-and-diming because your fare would be the same as it used to be if you add the carry-on. I fly often and 90% of the time can pack everything I need in a personal item that fits under the seat. You’d be surprised at how roomy that space is. So I benefit immensely from Frontier, spirit, and now United’s economy fares. No one is paying more than they used to, they are just giving an option to Payless and through the booking process it is extremely clear and there are no hidden charges. If you pay for the ticket and didn’t know you have to pay for a bag, you weren’t reading a thing that you were clicking yes to the whole way through the booking.

  117. Corwyn|

    So you bought a fare and did not read the restrictions of the basic economy fare. Your bad.

  118. Christopher|

    This is the definition of fake news and terrible reporting.

    United offers a Basic Economy (BE) fare which states no carry-on bags. Delta and American have similar fares. BE is a step below standard economy.

    The simple solution is to book economy through the carrier’s website and be careful about the rules.

  119. Linda|

    This needs to stop! Enough is Enough

  120. Nomoretravel|

    Imagine growing up at a time when carry-on bags, checked bags, and full in flight meals were free for all passengers. At this point I’d rather not go anywhere ever again via planes.

  121. Trinidad G. Justo|

    I have to carry my medications with me in a not so small bag! Will this unite airline allow? Checking in medications are not safe because the flight might be delayed because of the storm or any inevitable reason.

  122. Rt|

    One more reason to avoid United. I fly Southwest whenever possible which is 90% if the time for where I fly from.

  123. Anonymous|

    This was created fir ppl. who wanted to purchase a cheapier fare. And it helps to not delay flights by not having to check last minute bags.

  124. Ric|

    United stinks.

  125. John Mitrof|

    These additional fees are getting out of control.
    Will they soon start charging passengers for toilet paper?

  126. Anonymous|

    A carry-on on United is 10 by 17 by 9.i purchased a bag on ebags ..but watch the quality. I traveled for a weekend and fit clothes sweaters ..cosmetics and a small purse to use later. It can work as you one personal item ..if you plan your packing…

  127. Dave D|

    Why would you not research what you can and cannot take on, then buy the appropriate fare? Basic Economy works well for people traveling light; sounds like you should have done your homework and bought the correct, appropriate fare for your needs.

  128. Anonymous|

    Only boarding group 5 is not allowed to bring a carry-on every other type of economy ticket and boarding group can being on a carry on and personal item

  129. Antonette Farmer|

    Check my prescription medication and laptop? You must be kidding.

  130. Dale r|

    I quit using carnaval cruise line because they raised there gratuity rate for there cruises.and now i will no longer fly united. Im tired of getting nickeled and dimed by these ultra rich corporations. They all have competition and maybe they should remember that

  131. Himmad Khan|

    This isnt really a “NEW” United policy. They have had no bags on their basic economy flights since it launched. If you buy a regular ticket, you still get a carry on.

  132. Anonymous|

    This is not a new policy if you fly Basic Economy it states on ticket no carry on.

  133. Jerry|

    I recently traveled using United and did not experience this policy. It was economy round trip ticket from SPG to PIT and wasn’t charged any fees for carry on bag. Also, I’m not a premier member or any other member of anything they offer except the Android app. Maybe it was a fluke.

  134. Marlin Yoder|

    I flew united in October with a big backpack, no one mentioned a thing.

  135. Jeff W|

    What do people do if they need to carry medication with them on the plane?

  136. Meg|

    First of all, when going through the purchase process for the flight for basic economy, they tell you at least three times that you don’t get a carry-on bag. So that lack of attention is on you. Second, the annual fee for the credit card is $100, not $450, as you reported. Your credibility is seriously lacking with those missteps. Also, if you fully read about the issue with the person being “dragged off the plane,” then you would know that the person violated FAA regulations and did not cooperate with the security who then had no choice but to remove him from the plane. It was not United personnel

  137. Mark|

    This is about a Basic Economy fare. The author should make that clear. This article is misleading or click bait.

  138. Sheila|

    I understand the frustration, but the basic economy fare is never a fesible option for me. From O’Hare to over 90% of my destinations basic economy is less than a $40 difference from economy. I can end up $10 ahead by booking economy.

    I feel Basic economy is just a Marketing gimmick. United felt pressured to offer cheaper seats so they did. However they really don’t want to sell cheaper seats. They are betting that the basic economy customers will upgrade to economy over leaving for another airline.

    I doubt they will make chanes as there are huge profits in bag fees.

  139. John|

    You have to click 5 times that you understand this policy before you can but the ticket.

  140. Michael Owen|

    Why did you not make it clear that you had chosen Basic Economy, that the differences between that fare and the next higher fare were conspicuously explained, that you accepted the terms of Basic Economy, and tbat they sent you an email a few hours later asking you if you wanted to change your mind?

    Your article makes it sound like the baggage limitations are general policies.

  141. ME|

    This is a misleading article. United did not change their policy but introduced a new fare classification that is cheaper, but also has these carry on restrictions.
    They still have the normal economy fare and this more restrictive, cheaper fare of basic economy. The normal economy fare has not changed in regards to carry on.

  142. Yvonne|

    Im not impressed with United Airlines anymore, anyway & this info is good to know. I fly alot for business and they are rude & socially unacceptable with that attitude every time ive flown this past year. So thanks for the heads up , I’ll pass it onto the other 523 transporters that i work with. So sad. This article is not lying. I had already been experiencing their pettyness, especially when my personal item is within there width, length, height regullations. They made me put my snacks in my Personal bag too, they said, it’s considered another Personal bag. Basic fare or not, IT’S A JOKE!!!! Just Saying

  143. Yvonne|

    I did voice my opinion, & I fly for business, where it comes out of my pocket. It’s business bottom line. I’m not going to bother with this airline, when all the others e even basic fare at all the others, aren’t rude at every check point & greedy…..

  144. Anonymous|

    Spirit does NOT charge for personal items. Seriously who fact checked this article? Also I confirmed with an industry colleague at United you have to buy an economy fare or higher for a carry on no credit card needed.

  145. Anonymous|

    It’s Basic Economy, You troll the airline websites at night looking for a 25.00 round trip. Get to the airport and act surprised because you can’t bring luggage on board. Claire get a grip, report real stories

  146. KB|

    Misleading information. No where did you mention that you bought a basic economy ticket. Want to have the experience of a flagship airline? Maybe you shouldn’t be buying the ticket that was meant to mimick the bare bones service a LCC provides.

  147. Wendy|

    You need to read the fine print and check your facts. Oh, you work for Fox News. Purchasing a basic economy ticket is a choice. If you typically do not carty on a bag when you fly, why not save a few dollars – by choice. I have had a mileage credit card for years and have never paid a $450.00 annual fee – never! I pay $0 for my first checked bag. In thirty years of flying United I have never had a lost bag. The only time I have had a destroyed bag was when I flew American. Get your facts straight.

  148. Jason|

    Are you serious? Even casual travelers knew about this policy months ago. If you’re going to write about things that are travel-related, you might want to actually know about travel.

  149. Kent|

    Such a biased article. I just flew from Orange county to Houston and back over this weekend. Even with a $50 fee, it was only $200 round trip, which included $20 for seat selection too. Please would have only been $150 no carry on. Maybe if you had listed regular economy pricing you wouldn’t have gotten so many negative response. Good job on getting everyone UNITED against you. Haha

  150. Derek Visocky|

    Like anything else, one should do their homework prior to purchasing or experiencing anything planned – or unexpected for that matter. It is highly probable that ALL airlines have some ‘gotcha’s’ for non-frequent travelers in their programs. If you will allow me your same platform, I have flown over 1.4 million miles with United. I’d like to start commenting on my experience with the 2,150+ great flights I’ve had with them. Where would you like me to begin?

  151. Stephanie Gregory|

    I flew Basic Economy during Thanksgiving. I was pretty proud of myself for getting all of my items in a backpacked sized bag. I am a woman and didn’t even bring a purse. It’s winter and I had a coat with pockets that zipped and put my essentials (phone, glasses, coin purse) in the pockets. It was a short flight and was actually nice not worrying about bags. Was traveling alone and the savings was worth it.

  152. George Washington|

    Such a 1 sided ignorant post. Basic economy is what you have purchased and that is cheaper because it is for people that are carrying on a bag that will fit under the seat. But I guess a cheap nagging biased posting ignorant person such as yourself would find it hard to believe that.

  153. Freddy|

    Your article is extremely irresponsible. You are disseminating incomplete information. Just like there is economy class business class and first class on most international flights, there is now regular economy and basic economy. It also does not have to cost $450 per year for a credit card. I have two different American Airlines cards and both of them are under $100 each. Also, having an airline credit card does not force you to use that credit card exclusively. I use Capital One for my day in day out purchases because of the Fantastic points program. However I will gladly pay $95 a year to get free carry-ons and additional perks on the airlines.

  154. Bart Johnson|

    I have seen a lot of nonsense on credit-card-shill websites, but this article takes the cake. I don’t know if the author is a complete moron or a well-practiced liar, but the way she packed so much misleading BS into such a short article is, in a way, sort of impressive.

  155. Enrique Evangelista|

    I wish I read this before flying basic economy last December. But my wife bought the tickets and I didn’t know about the BE no carry on policy. So I was unpleasantly surprised when I had to check my laptop roller and pay the fee.

  156. Jasper|

    United has reinvented steerage class. This airline is so poor I dread using it. The staff are terrible. The bags policy is terrible and adds time to your flight. Everything about them since 911 and the crash has made them toxic. The planes are old- flight attendants are older. Its amazing they have a safety record that isn’t horrible