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Don’t put your feet on the armrest in front of youI shouldn’t have to make this a tip, but shockingly, after a recent flight, I do. As you can see in the selfie above, some rude dude put his stinking feet on my armrest while flying between Miami and Los Angeles on American Airlines. I think he might’ve been envious that I was in the bulkhead and had so much legroom that I was able to use my roller bag as a leg rest. In any case, don’t be like him.

Had a rude neighbor on a flight? Share your story in the comments.




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Don’t Put Your Feet on the Armrest in Front of You
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8 Comments On "Don’t Put Your Feet on the Armrest in Front of You"
  1. Valisha Bogart|

    Ive noticed non-americans are some of the rudest on flights…especially coming from Asia or the Middle East. On the way back from Doha to LAX, a lady sitting behind me started pushing the back of my chair after i reclined because the guy in front of me reclined leaving me no leg space. i tried to ignore her pushing my chair, hoping she would stop until she started tapping me on the shoulder. Saying “excuse me, excuse me, please put up your chair, i have no room.” She literally would not leave me alone. When i acknowledged her, she begged me to put up my chair because she was claustrophobic. When I looked behind me to see, she was so petite and tiny she could curl up in the seat, legs and all. She literally asked me 6 times, and wouldn’t stop hounding me. I kept politely saying i cannot move my move my seat up and to please leave me alone. then finally i had to stand up to show her how tall i was and then i asked her to stand up…to compare. she wouldn’t stand up. Then her husband told her to shut up and leave me alone. After that happened she stopped bothering me verbally but then kept pushing the back of my seat. SO, i had to ask the flight attendants to speak to her. When they did, she claimed she couldn’t speak english which was a lie. This incident was probably one of the worst with the seat in a reclined positioned Ive had on an international flight. Im tall and have to have it reclined especially when someone in front of me reclines. Ive had to tell people who complain that if they don’t like it then go to first class as i am just uncomfortable but deal with it.

  2. Karyn Moore|

    On a flight home from Europe a young woman was seated in an aisle seat and I was in the other aisle seat of the same row (5 abreast). As soon as the seatbelt sign was turned off, she proceeded to remove her shoes and socks and stretched out full length across four seats, with her dirty feet practically in my lap. When I asked her to please put her feet down, she refused and the flight attendant said she couldn’t tell her how to behave.

  3. Terry Loewenberg|

    In 2017, my wife and I flew a Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Denver. Sitting in coach, there were 3-4 passengers who must’ve thought that the rest of us needed to hear their conversation. Then, it got worse. They decided to carry on as they walked the aisles. My wife and I were sitting across the aisle from each other when we noticed that one of the four had his elbows planted on the back of our seats and was motioning back and forth. We immediately ed an attendant who meekly said something to the 4 people. They were quiet for about 15 minutes then started back up again. The attendant was called by another passenger and spoke to the four again with the same predictable results a few minutes later. The only thing that saved us was that food was soon served so they were semi quiet for about an hour before continuing their rudeness. As we departed the plane in Denver, I spoke briefly to the meek attendant who acknowledged that she really didn’t know what to do. I ed Lufthansa and got a condescending apology.

  4. Kenton Herman|

    I deal the same thing at the movies..pop n coke falling on unwanted shoes

  5. Kathy|

    Johnny, I hope you said something to the owner of this foot! Personally, I would have been tempted to poke it with a safety pin (or at least spill my drink on it).

    1. Hundredbacklinks

      I just turned around and gave him the stink eye.

  6. Jerry Klos|

    Johnny, How did u handle the situation where a person behind u used ur armrest for their dirty feet. I would have asked them to remove their feet. Would a flight attendant said anything?

  7. Hannah|

    This didn’t happen on a plane, but somebody thought it was a good idea to put their stinky feet on my armrest while at the cinema. I managed to elbow them away eventually, but I was disgusted.



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