Fallen Soldier on my Delta Flight Oct 29 2013 -003


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10 Comments on "Fallen Soldier on my Delta Flight Oct 29 2013 -003"

  1. God Bless these men and women. Not on;y do we have a fallen soldier but we have families who have lost a son or daughter, brother or sister. Let us keep these families in our prayers

  2. What breaks my heart is the last photo….on the right side you see the tunnel to deplane the passengers…alive, ready to get started on their next day’s or week’s adventure….then on the left side……one lone passenger deplanes….this passenger doesn’t get to walk down that tunnel on the right….this passenger gave everything for you, for me, to live in a free country. If I had been standing at that window, I would have placed my right hand over my heart and I would have courteously asked any gentleman wearing a hat if they might consider removing it while this fallen soldier’s casket was being removed. I bet they would have been glad to do it.

    Dear fallen solider, thank you. And thank you to your family…I will be praying for them.

  3. Bless you. You are our protectors. You do the things that the rest of us are not able to do. Please know that i think of you daily and pray each night for your safety. The men and women who put their lives on hold and on the line are in my heart. Thank you


  5. Thank you fallen soldier; you gave your all so we might be safe. I have a huge lump in my throat and would be incapable of speech because of the eloquent way events were described as they unfolded. Thank you to the writer and to all the people on this flight who honored this young man by patiently waiting for him to deplane.

  6. Just heard Johnny tell this story on Leo’s tech guy show, I could tell he was still getting chocked up. He made me start crying.

  7. What a wonderful tribute and reminder you have provided! I listened to your story and then immediately came to this website to read your article. Cannot stop crying and have taken a moment for reflection. Thanks to all the men and women who provide their heroic services for us. Prayers to all military families who sacrifice so much.

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