Fallen Soldier on my Delta Flight Oct 29 2013 -001


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4 Comments on "Fallen Soldier on my Delta Flight Oct 29 2013 -001"

  1. How wonderfully moving. As a Vietnam Vet I am so touched when I werar my vietnam vet hat , The number of people who have gone out of there way to shake my hand and thank me for my service, Gosh I’m almost 70 yrs old and never up until now has anyone even looked at us. After 43 years I’m being treated for PTSD . I refused to talk about it (war) and finally was able to get help. I have nothing but the highest regards for our Young men and Women who take the oath to become members of the finest fraternity in the world, AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

  2. You want to support the Combat Warriors then write your Representatives about the Rules of Engagement that are getting them killed in Action!

    • Got that right, Bill. I’m a retired Army Officer with 22 years of service. The rules used in Iraq and Afganistan have gotten hundreds of our soldiers killed and maimed. Here one for example: A civilian vehicle refuses to stop and it fired an RPG at our soldiers at a checkpoint. They are not authorized to return fire in case the terrorist has his wife and kids along for the ride. Sorry, any raghead that fires on me is dead. I personally don’t give a damn who’s in the car. If he’s stupid enough to bring them to a firefight, I’m not obligated to put my life on the line. This crap happens and our folks get killed. Too bad we can’t drag some of the brain dead politicians, including the worthless Obamunist’s skinny ass out there and put his butt on a checkpoint for a couple weeks and takes some hot lead in his direction.

  3. AGREE 100%, Thomas!!

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