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Thailand-Khao-Lak-JW-Marriott-Feb-2011-76_editedI have to admit: I was happy to read recently that the Italians . This is one of my pet peeves when I travel and you find it happening on beaches all over the world (and at hotels and on cruise ships, too!). But it can really happen anywhere. What’s the issue?

Selfish travelers who get up super early to reserve the best beach chairs or spots on the beach by placing their towels down and maybe throwing a book on top for good measure. Then they go back to bed, get breakfast and sometimes even lunch and don’t return until they feel like it…all while that prime seat has remained unavailable to everyone else. There’s been many an occasion when I’ve wanted to sit and relax for 10 minutes before catching a flight and there’s been no good place vacant, even though there wasn’t anyone around. I’ve seen these “reserved” seats sit empty the whole day.

Don’t be rude, and practice what you should have learned in kindergarten: Share. Thankfully, officials in Italy have been slapping fines of up to $290 on offenders in a bid to deter beach competition. Now, hotels and cruise ships need to crack down as well.

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9 Comments On "Don't Be a Spot-Saver at the Beach or Pool"
  1. Robert|

    I totally agree with this and there definitely should be more enforcement at all inclusive resorts and on cruise ships. Great Tip and you may be interested in one of my recent posts on Pool Chair Etiquette! Thanks Rob

  2. Tina Salter|

    Wow, did you hit on one of my pet peeves! At many music festivals, the same thing happens but most that I’ve been to have the “rule” that if a chair is empty of a person (jackets etc. don’t count) another person may use it until the “owner” shows up. I have to admit that I’ve been known to sit on a chaise or a chair at beaches, poolside or whatever anyway!

  3. Sue Smith|


    I am glad you broached the subject of rude tourists. It is so annoying to see all the chairs and tables “marked” as being used.

    Some influential group might be able to influence the cruise ships, hotels and other tourist places.

    How is Natalie and when is the big day? So exciting!

    1. Hundredbacklinks

      Thanks for the note! She’s a trooper! Baby is coming in the next 4 weeks

  4. Anonymous|

    This happened to me while on a cruise from Long Beach, CA to Ensenada….all the deck chairs were “taken.” Wish I had just pitched all those towels overboard or in the trash!

  5. rms|

    As long as hotels and cruises don’t provide enough “spots” for paying customers, this will only continue. The customers are not being “rude”. They are exerting the only power they have to get what they paid for. I do not accept for minute that the hotel management can’t add up how many customers they have each evening and to ensure that many seats are available by the pool or beach, or … somewhere.

  6. Tamer|

    I wish this would happen everywhere. My family and I were recently on vacation in a resort in Cancun, we went to the beach and pool after having breakfast and could not find any spots because of spot-saving. I had to resort to spot-saving and walking up every day as early as 5:30am just to find decent spots for my family- it was ridiculous! We had a great time but I was happy to get back home so I could sleep in.

  7. Steve Embry|

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s infuriating

  8. Abe|

    Happened to me also!