Jennifer Dombrowski
Jennifer Dombrowski is a location independent globe trotter and bases herself in Prata di Pordenone, Italy. She works as a social media and innovation strategist in higher education and is a regular contributor on Follow her on , , or on her blog,

Articles by Jennifer Dombrowski

Marilyn Monroe: 50 Years Later

In homage to Marilyn Monroe on this 50th anniversary of her death, Ferragamo is hosting two exhibits in her honor in Florence, Italy.

36 Hours in Napa Valley

Grapes glistening on the vine catch your eye. The sweet scents of lavender, rosemary, and wine waft toward you. The only sounds are bees buzzing…

A Lesson in Mushing

Our six Alaskan huskies are running at full speed as our sled glides over the fresh snow of Spitsbergen. Clutching the snow hook to my…

Journey to the High Arctic

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