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Passport PicNow that we are stuffed full of Thanksgiving turkey and the fixings, we’re ready to start thinking about gifts under the Christmas tree. So we asked some of your favorite frequent travelers and experts: What’s the one must-have gift that YOU would love to find under the tree this Christmas?

Here are their responses, revealing some of the best gifts for travelers this Christmas! Feel free to start that wish list now!

skits-techAs a frequent traveler, staying organized is essential. And the more gadgets I travel with, the more cords and chargers I have to keep in order. All those wires have the potential to turn into one huge tangled mess! I’d love to find a under the tree this Christmas. Anything that helps me stay organized, helps me stay sane and makes travel that much easier and more enjoyable.
, Editor of Oh! Travelissima

“Best hostess gift EVER ! Classiest way to bring a bottle of wine to a holiday party.”
, Travel Channel Host



“The one must have gift for me would be the newest . My is very photo-centric, and having a good camera with me at all times is an essential part of my job. I’m tired of carrying around both a camera AND an iPhone. Apparently, the camera on the 6s is the bomb, so Santa, please put this under my tree and pay the fee to Verizon for the upgrade.”
, TravelSkills.com

“The is the best point and shoot camera ever made. (And it ought to be at nearly $3000!) Or save a little and get the new (only $1000).”
Chief TWiT

“This Christmas, I’d love to find under the tree. Luggage has recently seen a host of innovations, including the additions of GPS, USB chargers, built-in scales, location detection, fingerprint ID, anti-theft technology, smart phone integration, and more. Ya hear that, Santa? Mama wants a new bag!”
, TV Host“ would be the perfect Hanukkah gift for me. I love flying with my current over-the-ear Bose headphones but their bulk can often be too much for me as I try to pack light. That often means sacrificing my headphones. These earphones would let me block out cabin noise but not weigh me down. Yes, they are overpriced, but when you fly as much as I do, they make sense.”
, Associated Press airline, travel & business reporter

“ noise cancelling headphones!”
, youngest American to visit every country in the world“For Christmas, I’d love to see a new under the tree. I believe it’s the best travel camera on the market and can get the kind of shots that previously were only possible with a DSLR and very expensive lenses. Among the most important features is the 28-300mm zoom, all in 2.8 aperture, which means better depth of field and much more control over low light situations.”
, Travel Editor, SF Chronicle / SFGate.com“The must have gift for me would be: .”
, Travel & Lifestyle Expert, Creator of Travelista TV


“So, I’m all about minimizing. (Have a kid in a NYC apartment and you’ll become a minimalist, too.) So for me, it’s something I can use on the road, which provides me value without taking up space. I’m thinking some kind of “gift-pack’ to the top 500 gyms in the country, so no matter where I am, I have access to a great gym where I can get in a great workout. I don’t know if something like this exists, but if it doesn’t, I’m seeing an opportunity here!!”
, author, entrepreneur, speaker“I would love to find an under my tree on Christmas morning. Having all my favorite travel apps on my wrist would be a valuable tool while running through an airport to catch my next flight. It’s important for me to stay connected while on an adventure. The Apple watch would allow me to quickly screen calls, see and reply to text messages, check e-mail, and stay on top of important appointments.”
, earthXplorer
“Power is the most important thing for me as a traveler.  I don’t want to have to rely on anyone to charge my devices while I’m in the go either inflight or during a day of meetings.  So I love a device with enough juice to charge both my laptop and my cell phone, like this one .”
, ViewFromTheWing.com

“I would like a brand new Sony a7R II.”
, 2014 SATW Travel Photographer of the Year

“Hmmm… I have all the gadgets I need. Number one wish would be time with my family and my three kids. But I could use a nice . That would be useful for videos!”
travel writing, photography, and consulting

“If there’s one thing I hope is under the tree for me this year, it’s the new . The ability to shoot both close up and at long distances without changing lens is a time saver and ultimately helps keep my camera body cleaner and in better shape.”
, LandLopers

“For the girlfriend getaways when it’s time to take a break from mom mode, this .”
, KidsNTrips 

“Any year, the ultimate gift for me is a nice bottle of wine, or a snazzy tie! This year, I’m actually in the market for a . I want a carry-on bag that looks good and is both spacious and space-conscious to carry on board. Also, I always like finding new travel-size toiletries in my stocking!”
, Travelzoo

“My own must-have gift would be a . As a writer and journaler, Moleskine notebooks have been with me since I started traveling. I write all my thoughts, feelings, article ideas, spending, and everything else in it. I go through about three or four notebooks a year. It’s my perfect travel gift.”

The one gift I know Dave would love to find under the tree is a . The one gift I (Deb) would love to find under the tree is a gift certificate to a yoga retreat.
Dave and Deb, 


“I’d love a cute little red and green card with a note inside. On that note is a promise from my loved ones not to let hysterical media cause them to confuse the difference between fear and risk and a promise that they will refuse to reward terrorists by being terrorized in the coming year.”
, Rick Steves’ Europe

Now you tell us! What would YOU love to find under the tree this Christmas?


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2 Comments On "We Asked Frequent Travelers: What Do You Want This Christmas?"
  1. Linda|

    I can’t be in France right now, but I’m with Johnny in spirit.

    Love the list, but most of it is pretty expensive. Can we have a similar list of things under $100 and for folks that don’t use a lot of electronics. Please, Santa. I’ve been a good girl.

    1. Hundredbacklinks

      We sure can! Next week!