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Greyhound Bus

Stand to the Side as You Wait
You’d think this is common sense—but it amazes me, when I travel or at home, to see people standing in the middle of the doorway on a train, bus or even elevator as they wait to get on. Stand to the side and let people get off before you get on. It’s not just common courtesy, but a way to save you and everyone else time, as well. It’s that simple.

FYI: There are times when taking a Greyhound bus (above) can save you hundreds of dollars, as I discuss in this post.



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5 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Stand to the Side as You Wait"
  1. Marilyn|

    This also applies to the luggage carousel. Don’t stand up at the front until you see your luggage coming around. I always have to ask someone to stand aside so I can grab my bag and sometimes I miss it. Then you have to wait until it comes around again.

  2. [email protected]|

    Thank you! It’s common sense for some, but not all, sadly. The subways are where this bothers me most.

  3. [email protected](.net)|

    +1 for Hundredbacklinks & Marilyn! Everyone gathered right in front of the elevator always makes me think of The Three Stooges all trying to get through the door at the same time. And the luggage carousel…what a nightmare… ;)

  4. Bette Munley|

    Right on!! I have remarked countless times to my husband on cruises that the “Boat Drill” should include a few comments on common courtesy in the use of elevators on ships. Passengers on cruise ships are some of the worst offenders!!

  5. Brian|

    It depends upon the country visited. In Mexico, for example, people tend to crowd up when getting public transportation, purchasing tickets and buying at taco stands etc. i learned that by waiting at the side, others would merge in and I would be the last to board or be served. In the USA, common courtesy is commendable but it just isn’t practical in some other places.