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If you’re shopping for a frequent traveler this Christmas, find a gift that will serve them well on their travels. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to do that! I’ve teamed up with , a company dedicated to providing customers with great travel gear, to identify 20 of their best Christmas gifts under $20. There was lots to choose from but I’ve narrowed it down to this list of winners:

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led-wallet-light1. , $12
Small, light and portable, this handy little device will illuminate and magnify tough to read items in dim conditions. Pull it out to better read maps, menus and more!

mini-travel-speaker2. , $19.99
This portable speaker delivers sound beyond its size. When plugged into most portable devices (MP3 players, phones, laptops and game stations), this little thing can really become the life of the party!

3. , $7.50
Brightly coloured neoprene handle wraps will help you easily identify your bag in a sea of black suitcases. Plus, it’s cushioned for comfort and has an ID tag inside.

4. , $16
If you love your electric toothbrush but usually leave it at home because it’s too bulky to carry, you’ll love this slimline, battery-powered option.

5. , $20
Compression socks may not be the sexiest thing around but for many, they’re a necessity. These fun striped socks have a cushioned sole, built-in arch support and provide a graduated compression leg.

6. , $19
Keep socks and underthings easily organized in your suitcase with these packing cubes that also allow you to fit more stuff into less space.

travelsmith-envelope7. , $20
This light, nylon envelope helps make packing easier by allowing you to stack clothing neatly. Everything will look freshly pressed when you unpack! Folding instructions included.

8. , $12
Lightweight and colorful, this stylish tablet sleeve will ensure that your iPad, e-reader or other tablet remains protected at all times during your travels. Best of all, it has a Power Port™, which means you can charge the device while it’s still in the sleeve.

9. , $12
You’ll always be able to identify your bag if it’s got one of these fun, brightly colored luggage tags attached!

10. , $15
Don’t let sleep elude you on the plane. These lightweight eye masks will block out all light and their molded shape makes them more comfortable.

11. , $19
These locks will keep your belongings safe and give you peace of mind while you’re traveling. They’re TSA approved – the TSA can open them if they need to but potential thieves will have trouble cracking these secure locks.

12. , $18
These gloves are designed by my friend Samantha Brown. “I love the whimsical pleats on these dainty gloves,” she says. “They’re a cute, feminine touch.” Made from 100% wool, they make it easier to get things done while you’re on the go.

13. , $15
The Bag Bungee is a genius way to keep your hand luggage secured to your suitcase. You’ll breeze through the airport and wonder how you ever traveled without this before.

14. $9
Dress up your passport cover with fun colors and patterns. These inexpensive covers make a great stocking stuffer of the frequent traveler on your shopping list.

15. , $19
Now this is a luggage tag with a difference. Register your tag’s unique serial number on the Trace Me website and if your bag goes missing, it will be easily traceable.

16. E, $19
Be done with that tangled mess of cord and cables once and for all! This handy organizer will keep everything in its place and make it easy to find what you need, when you need it.

17. , $19
Using the principles of acupressure, these bands are designed to ward off nausea and motion sickness. Wear one on each wrist for best results.

18. , $20
This is perfect for anyone who travels with vitamins and medications. Featuring transparent compartments marked with the days of the week, this handy case will make it easy to stay organized.

19. , $20
Lightweight, easy to pack and easy to use, this handy steamer will make sure that you are wrinkle free wherever you go!

20. , $19
Every traveler needs adapter plugs to make sure they can power up wherever they are. This set of 6 of the most commonly used adapters will ensure you’ve got power in over 150 countries around the world.

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