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2017-instagramInstagram continues to be a major source of travel inspiration. Feed your sense of adventure and wanderlust by following these 17 travel Instagram accounts in 2017. You’ll discover new destinations and maybe even get ideas to plan your next getaway. And until then, who couldn’t use a virtual vacation? Here are some of my favorite travel Instagram accounts:

1. The TSA Instagram account often combines humor with helpful tips to make sure your bags are packed according to TSA regulations. Not sure if you can fly with a pie? This is just one of the many pressing concerns they’ll address for passengers!

A post shared by TSA (@tsa) on

2. Lauren hails from Australia and combines her keen eye for photography with her exotic travels to create a travel Instagram account that’s truly inspirational.

A post shared by Lauren Bath | Australia (@laurenepbath) on

3. Greg shoots incredible photos of his travels around the world but his pictures of his hometown of Vienna are incredible.

A post shared by Greg Sideris I Vienna (@gregsideris) on

4. Pastel skies, calm oceans and lots of aspirational travel ideas here!

A post shared by Kimi Juan (@kimijuan) on

5. Paul Nicklen is a photojournalist for National Geographic Magazine and, as you might expect, his photos are spectacular, especially the ones up close and personal with all kinds of beautiful animals from around the world.

A post shared by Paul Nicklen (@paulnicklen) on

6. It’s no surprise that 14.5 million people follow the National Geographic Travel Instagram account. You’ll get to see the world through the lens of some of the world’s most talented photographers.

A post shared by National Geographic Travel (@natgeotravel) on

7. Frans Lanting is another National Geographic photographer; just take a look at his travel Instagram photos and you’ll see why he’s a must-follow on my list. His landscapes and animal photos are out of this world!

A post shared by Frans Lanting (@franslanting) on

8. One day I hope to be able to travel with my son the way Eric Stoen of Travel Babbo travels with his kids. He’s a real inspiration … not to mention a talented photographer.

A post shared by Eric Stoen (@travelbabbo) on

9. Paris-based photographer Mary Quincy brings an ethereal beauty to all the destinations she visits. You’ll definitely get some serious wanderlust looking at her photos.

A post shared by Mary Quincy (@mary_quincy) on

10. If a trip to Norway isn’t in the cards right now, you can at least enjoy a virtual vacation by following Steffen Fossbakk’s Instagram account, which shows off the natural beauty and vivid colors of Norway, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

A post shared by Steffen Fossbakk (@seffis) on

11. The Instagram account of Johan Lolos, also known as Le Backpacker, is visually beautiful and will take you on the trip of a lifetime. One day you’ll be in Iceland with him, the next, Mont Tremblant in Quebec, then New York City!

A post shared by Johan Lolos (@lebackpacker) on

12. Drone photography has taken many travel Instagram accounts to the next level and Clint Johnston’s account is no exception. Also known as TripHackr, Johnston’s photos offer an incredible birds-eye view of some of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

A post shared by Clint Johnston ✈ Triphackr (@triphackr) on

13. Eric Rubens is a Southern California based photographer who also shares some amazing drone photography as well as lots of crystal clear oceans, fluffy clouds and candy-colored sunsets.

A post shared by Eric Rubens (@erubes1) on

14. Jeremy is the founder of Beautiful Destinations but his personal account is pretty cool too.

A post shared by Jeremy Jauncey (@jeremyjauncey) on

15. Jason Charles Hill is a self-taught photographer who has a passion for wild and off-beat destinations. His love of the outdoors and nature really shines through in each and every photo.

A post shared by Jason Charles Hill (@jasoncharleshill) on

I might be biased about the last two but my wife, Natalie DiScala, takes great travel Instagram photos so you should give her a follow. And don’t forget about me!


A post shared by Natalie DiScala, Toronto ✈️ LA (@nataliediscala) on


A post shared by Hundredbacklinks | Los Angeles (@johnnyjet) on

What are some of your favorite travel Instagram accounts? Let me know which ones you would add to this list in the comments below!


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17 Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2017
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12 Comments On "17 Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2017"
  1. Anna|

    Amazing, so much travel inspiration for the new year :)

  2. Cacinda Maloney|

    I love Travel Babbo, Eric Stoen is amazing! I have been following him for years.

  3. Katy|

    I love @livologyblog. Amazing pics and blog. My favorite by far! Hope you enjoy it too!

  4. Katy|

    I love @livologyblog – amazing pictures, beautiful story and blog. My personal fav!

  5. Kirsten|

    I love what’s happening at but full disclosure, I am a founding member of that community so I am a little biased ;)

  6. Amy|

    @HitTheRoadMap :)

  7. Angie|

    I adore @guerillamemoir – neat, unexpected photos and fascinating mini-essays with them.

  8. HR|

    Those accounts are great. We can find many inspiring pictures which really help us to see new destinatons

  9. Makoto|

    Just discovered @williamhoki. He’s got some incredible travel photos!

  10. Penny Sadler|

    Nice list! I like them all. I still use my IPhone for IG. I’m a purist. haha. But can not deny these pro accounts are gorgeous.

  11. Richard|

    Wow, the destinations are suberp.
    I would like to introduce to you Bra_Ghana

  12. kastiawan|

    My favorite photo is Kimi Juan photo. I’ve visited that beach and just like him. I feel so peaceful and my mind becomes clear