10 great reasons to visit Norfolk, Virginia

It’s pronounced naw-fok, not Nor-folk. Don’t maim the name. Norfolk is Virginia’s second-most populated city with more than 245,000 residents, home to the world’s biggest Navy base (), and it’s a hidden gem for budget-conscious travelers.

How do we describe this U.S. travel destination? Let us count the ways.

Glass Blowing demonstration at Chrysler Glass Museum

1. Budget-friendly
Free community festivals, free glass-blowing demonstration at the , so-cheap-it’s-almost-free food at Doumar’s diner and curb service. Stretching your travel dollars further is easy in Norfolk.

Nauticus Sail About

2. Scenic
Its waterfront location, between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, makes Norfolk a delight for those who appreciate seaside beauty. Sit back and admire the view on a leisurely harbor cruise aboard or sign up for a “Sail About” sailing lesson with .

Land lovers can take a driving tour with , seeing some of Norfolk’s five historic districts. The zones feature homes that boast decorative ironwork trim and fencing, ornate masonry and stunning stained glass windows.

Mermaid Winery mermaid

3. Artistic
Mermaids. Mermaids everywhere. OK, maybe not everywhere but there are 130 . Each with a unique design, the mystical creatures are the works of local artists. Will you find your favorite?

The Green Onion's lobster roll

4. Savory
Please your palate with Norfolk’s mouth-watering culinary offerings. Sip on a refreshing margarita ($8), guacamole ($7) and chips and homemade salsa ($4) at . Add a spicy shrimp burrito ($16) and your taste buds will rejoice. Have the “New England lobstah roll” (market price) with generous chunks of lobster and hot, crispy fries at . Fill up on even more fresh seafood with the crab cake sandwich ($12) at .

Mermaid Winery tasting

5. Stylish
Visit Mermaid Winery, Virginia’s only urban winery, and check their  web page with details about cool happenings like their Blind Wine Tasting ($10 for 10 wine tastings), or enjoy their Movie Night on the Patio (free!) Their chic patio, surrounded by grapevines and roses, is a perfect setting for sipping on a glass of wine while the sun sets.

Doumar cones

6. Sweet
From the moment the sweet batter hits the griddle and its vanilla fragrance scents the air, you know you’re in for a treat. is home to the world’s first waffle cone machine. It’s also a nostalgic bellhop-style diner with prices that can’t be beat.

Crawfish at Bayou Boogaloo festival

7. Festive
Gather at Town Point Park for special events and festivals that showcase a sense of community. The annual Bayou Boogaloo & Cajun Food Festival (June 20 – 23, 2013) is a fine occasion to enjoy some bluegrass tunes while sucking on crawfish. Beignets make delectable desserts with Cajun cooking satisfying your appetite. Check to find out which upcoming events you might enjoy during your stay.

Battleship Wisconsin at Nauticus

8. Patriotic
Home to the world’s biggest Navy station, Norfolk is where U.S. Navy forces live and work and you can’t help but notice their floating weaponry along the waterfront. Take one glimpse at the at Nauticus and you can feel the weight of protecting and defending U.S. territory. It’s no wonder the National Civic League named Norfolk a 2013 All-American City.

USS Norfolk Bell

9. Clean
Stroll along the waterfront and on the streets of downtown Norfolk and you’ll find well-manicured lawns and pretty floral arrangements in containers flanking city streets. This city sure keeps things ship-shape.

Daphne-Swersky at Rowena's

10. Friendly
A jogger greets you with a “good morning” as he passes you on the street, locals at a hip coffeehouse smile as you wait your turn to place your order. Daphne Swersky, manager at , invites you to sample cakes, curds and custards before giving you a guided tour of the bakery. Don’t mind if I do!

There’s a genuine sense of warmth that radiates from Norfolk folks and you don’t have to search hard to find it.



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  2. I’ve heard that Norfolk can be a fun place to visit. I have an aunt and uncle that live in Arlington, but I bet it’d be fun to see southern Virginia. I like how you mention that many of the things to do in Norfolk can be budget friendly. I’m still building my career, so finding places to visit that are easy on the bank account are a major . Thanks for the post.

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